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Adventurers/ Ala Mhigo Questions

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So, I have a several questions I want to ask:


1. How powerful do experienced adventurers get? I'm asking this because I thought it didn't really make logistical sense for the Warrior of Light to be the only person capable of dealing with big threats. Eorzea is around the size of Australia according to a previous thread, the city states would crumble if that was the case since the Warrior of Light is only a single person and can't defend an entire continent on their own. So, I was wondering, could a group of experienced adventurers, say with 6 to 8 years of experience, be able to do some of the stuff the Warrior of Light did that doesn't require the Echo (FATEs, dungeons and raids that do not involve primals, etc.)?


2. How much freedom are adventurers in grand companies given? I recall the grand company levemete mentioning members of other grand company being allowed to participate, does this imply that adventurers are still allowed to go around freelance even after joining up, or is it just a gameplay mechanic?


3. This one is the one about Ala Mhigo. Is is possible to have a Keeper of the Moon be born there? I was thinking something along the lines of their parents/grandparents moving out of the forest because they didn't want to live a secluded lifestyle and settled in Ala Mhigo or the surrounding region.


Thanks in advance!

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1. Reasonably powerful enough to go toe-to-toe with some Garlean magitek, due to the aether/magic capability inherent to Eorzeans. Keyword being some, not all. Scenes in the MSQ show Alliance members and relative normies like Hien fighting and taking down Garlean machinery.


Some roleplayers are still fixated on the notion that the WoL solos all the things and thus is basically Saitama, but most content explicitly states and demonstrates a group effort: the Dalmasca expeditions against Ultima, the Isle of Val against super voidsent like Penthesilea, and so forth. Echo capability is also useful for teams, as shown in Arenvald and Fordola's ingame scenes and text chapter.


2. You can reach captain rank in a GC by training up other adventurers, and still have the freedom to freelance. It's up to you to choose how much devotion you show / how much your character identifies with their GC. 

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3. Of course it is possible. Eorzean borders between nations and cultures aren't tight shut. Most of the miqo'te population in Ala Mhigo is Seeker of the Sun true, but if you pay attention to small details you'll see some genetic variations, notably in Ala Ghiri (some seeker girls here have keeper eyes/fangs and use the keeper models), and the M tribe where M'naago's mother is also using a keeper model in spite of her clearly seeker legacy. F'lhaminn is another famous example of a seeker having keeper traits. You also have one of the Raven reporters in the Shroud, the one keeper girl that was the NPC for the last Hatching Tide event, using a seeker model.


KojiF answered questions about this and while it's speculated that a lot of this comes down from mistakes done by the level art / level design teams, the lore tackles it as not totally "pure" lines of seekers (or keepers in the Shroud by the way) that at some point in the past had parents of a different clan inserting their own genetic material in the lineage. Said material can emerge at times in grand children and whatnot. 


Finally, as I said, borders aren't closed off. People travel, and miqo'te aren't exceptions, quite the opposite in fact. Ala Mhigo in the past also used to be a central trading chokepoint for caravans going back and forth between Aldenard and Ilsabard, which means a lot of movement here. There also was bad blood in the past between Ala Mhigo and Gridania through the Autumn War, and it probably made some people or individuals in the Shroud not welcome anymore by the landlords so to speak. Reasons can be numerous.

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