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Disaster Catte Incoming! Hello!

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My name is Griffin! I'd consider myself a more veteran RPer, but I'm relatively new to the FFXIV community, and thought I may as well at least give a formal introduction. Especially with the datacenter merges, I'm hoping to see a lot more people-- which I already have!


I'm gonna be following the template because my brain is big mush right now, but that means we're starting off with my MMORPG experience! Safe to say, you could probably call me a WoW refugee. I've been playing the game for about 12 years, and left around Legion. Kinda glad I did, BfA is looking kinda like a mess from my standpoint... but while I was on WoW, I dedicated a majority of my time to questing and RPing. The game kinda raised me, so I didn't really spend much time raiding-- more time looking around at the world, and eventually delving into RP when I was around 13 years old! It's been a winding experience, but one I dont think I could live without. Besides this, I've bounced between games like Aion and ArcheAge, none really holding my attention all too much until I stumbled upon FFXIV. I've been playing for almost a year and a half now, and safe to say, I've been enjoying it. A lot!


I briefly went into it back there, but the brunt of my RP experience is MMORPG RP. I've been RPing since I was 13, which... I'm 19 now! So that marks 6 years under my belt. I started mostly on crime guilds on WoW, and worked my way to become an officer for these guilds. During my time there, I was happy to be a member, RPing through events and taking on walk-ups. Things haven't changed much from then till now-- I now am settled into Coeurl's roleplay community, and I attend and organize events there regularly! I also help promote the discord, and generally keep it a nice and friendly place to be. (Which, if you're interested in joining, feel free to give me a holler! We're open to the entire Crystal DC, and it's the best way to stay on top of Coeurl's events!)


How I learned about the coalition was pretty simple. I heard a few people talking about their RPC wikis, and went to make one myself. It's very WIP at the current moment, but to make the wiki, I had to make an account here, and just recently decided to reach out here more prominently in the wake of the data center merge!


When it comes to the type of roleplayer I aim to be, Med-Heavy RP is typically what suits me. I'm usually entrenched in RP of some kind-- and while I've done a variety of the game's content, nothing makes me happier than getting to settle down with some friends and be a dork with my trash kitty, M'yhe. As for themes? Dark themes can come in, and I enjoy twinges of fighting RP, criminal RP, and exploration RP. I mostly just... like to take my character around, and see where the journey takes them. ICly, M'yhe is a diviner/fortune teller, so I always love giving IC readings and am more than happy to read for events or provide a 1-on-1 reading for anyone who may be interested.


As for real life? I already said I'm 19 a while ago, but I am! I live in the USA, and I work full-time as a barista for a local chai shop. I love board games, I love card games, I love animation, and I love sharing dumb jokes with my friends and generally hanging around with those who make me happy.


Thanks for coming by! And a big hello from my and my disaster catte! If you're ever interested in anything I have to offer, or anything about Coeurl's RPC as well, you need only ask!



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From one veteran RPer but forum n00b to another, a thousand welcomes to you, may you always find water and shade. 


Best of luck to you here, and there! 

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