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Hello Everyone!

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Hey friends, how's it poppin'?


I started playing FFXIV about two years ago, near the end of Heavensward. However I also was heavy into WoW at the time, and after hitting about level 50, I quit and went back to WoW. However, I resubbed a few months ago to play with a good buddy of mine, and absolutely fell in love with the game. I began playing for PvE content, but my friend's love for RP sparked my interest, and I've been lightly dabbling in it since.


As for RP experience, it is mostly Military RP in ArmA III, as well as HALO/ODST roleplay in the same game. However they RP was fairly light, and mostly limited to text channels outside of our operations. I also did some light RP in WoW, but nothing too serious.


I am looking to get comfortable enough with FF RP so I can feel confident enough to go to some public RP events with my buddy, and I am willing to explore from there. While I do have a couple of ideas for my character floating around, nothing is set in stone yet so to say.


So, yeah.. feel free to ask me just about anything, and I'll see ya around!~

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Welcome back to FFXIV! RP events here are a fun time, all ya gotta do is look for the one that snags your interest! If it's a topic/subject/focus of what you enjoy then you should have fun, right? xD Maybe after that, you'll just become absolutely hooked and just be a regular at every event!


I hope that you continue to fall in love with the game and have a fantastic time!





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