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A Curious Logbook: In Search for (A)dventure (Friend)

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Third Astral Moon, 20th Sun

10 am

Chilly morning, good day to head out. Will miss my garden and everyone here. But he’s out there, and I need to find him.


A young Roegadyn steps out of a small shack almost as big as him into the cool dawn air. Hauling a large pack on his back and looking over a small book in his hand. Taking a last look around the orchard he had been working for in the past from moons. He takes a big deep breath, as if trying to breath it all in for him to keep within him.


He opened his book and wrote,



   --- smells of fresh flowers and moist wood. I’ll even miss the mulch.


Looking through the past few months in his book, he knew he can’t stay any longer than he had. He had to keep moving, staying here was just something to give himself comfort and give for time to pass hoping who he was looking for might find him instead. He makes his way to the guildmaster’s home, as he had promised many moons ago, that he would explain to her everything, and thank her for taking him in during such a turbulent time.




His large hands tried their best to knock as gentle as possible. The door opened slowly, and from the other side a young Lalafell woman peaked her head out.


“Ah, O’nikki, I was expecting you.” she said.

It was Fufucha, Gridania’s master of the Botanist guild. She took a scan of the Roegadyn on the other side of her door. Taking into account how attire, ready to go out of the city and ready to face the dangers of the wild.

“I see, such a shame to see you go. You were a promising student, but it did feel as if our path is not yours to walk. Come in, it is cold outside.” she opened the door wide inviting him in.


“Thank you very much for providing me with shelter in my time of need.” O’nikki said gently.


“Let us have something to drink before you go. You really have opened up more since you got here.” A small smile grew on her face.


“I believe you have a story you promised me, concerning how you got this far?” she said curiously as she closed the door.


He looked inside himself and tried to think where would be the best place to start. Six months ago. Yeah, that might have been when it all started.

Edited by O'nikki Columbiyo
I decided to rewrite the beginning to be more cohesive. It's still going to the same direction as before. I just had to fix what I wrote.
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Sixth Umbral Moon, 8th Sun


      Day went well, picked up passes to Limsa Lominsa. Being on a boat is weird. Unsteady, disorienting, uncomfortable. Can't just leave its all water outside to the horizon. I feel excited, but also nauseous, maybe because of sea or nervousness. But Rhyse is with me so I can handle it. He said it might be the aether, heard there's a lot of aetherytes. Rhyse does says I might be a bit sensitive to aether. He might be right, he usually is.


The boat rocked through the days in the sea. Finding relief knowing their ride will be ending soon.


“Hey!” A young Hyum barked at some people sitting on a bench in the public quarters of the ship.

“Get up, we need this seat.” he snarled.

Walking behind him is a tall pale skinned Roegadyn.

“Rhyse, don’t be mean,” he leaned down and whispered to the Hyum. Then turning to the other passengers. “I am so sorry please excuse my friend.”


The young Hyum, Rhyse, just sneered at them until they left.


“See, easy,” Rhyse just dropped down comfortably on the bench.

“You could have been nicer about it.” O’nikki sighed.


Rhyse just scowled at him, “Take a seat man, you don’t look too good.” He patted on the seat next to him.


O’nikki does not handle ship travel well. All the swaying does not do well with his constitution.  


“Hey O’nikki, can you believe this ship doesn’t even have anything good to eat. Everything tastes so bland.” Rhyse said, irritated as he tried to get comfortable in one of the benches inside the ship.

“Hey,” he barked, “why are you just standing there, it’ll be a little while till we get there, you should relax.”


O’nikki stood by the bench trying to focus on his book.

“.... I don’t want to throw up again.” He said weakly.

“Just tell me if you need anything. You don’t look like you can move around at all. I’ll get you something to drink, or whatever.”

O’nikki smiled appreciatively at Rhyse.


O’nikki and Rhyse were comrade at arms who grew to be good friends in the field of battle. O’nikki is skilled at arcanism, always ready to protect Rhyse. And Rhyse is always ready to fight, seeking the next challenge, he’s always ready to pick fights with anyone. The two of them have stuck together since then, specially since no one else can handle being around Rhyse and his attitude, and O’nikki’s anxieties are kept in control with Rhyse allowing him to move quick on his feet and make split second decisions. O’nikki always has his back, And Rhyse is always there to keep him safe. And now they are out looking for the next adventure.

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Sixth Umbral Moon, 8th Sun


      Rhyse keeps making mean faces to people who gets too close to us. I don’t feel comfortable in crowds, so that’s nice of him. We are reaching Limsa Lominsa in an hour or so. Heart racing and heaviness in my chest. Hopefully we can find a place to stay and get out of the crowd of the city.


The two of them waded through the crowd after stepping off. The city was large, packed, and loud. They both focused on looking for a place to stay and came upon the Drowned Wench where they managed to get a room and dropped their bags exhausted.


“We should find something to earn us money.” O’nikki said with his face buried into a pillow.

“We have enough right now for just a week for this room and food.” He spoke up again. Not hearing from Rhyse, he lifting his head to look if he was still there. He sees Rhyce pull out a knife and begin to make a diagonal mark on the top of the door frame.


“Rhyse what are you doing?! Don’t do that!” he jumped off the bed towards Rhyse.


“He we made it didn’t we, why not leave proof this was the room that started it all for us.” Rhyse continued to cut the mark a bit deeper.

“Come on, finish off this X. This’ll mark the spot where we began, so we can look back one day at how far we got.”


O’nikki, though concerned about the room’s status, decided to comply. Moved by Rhyse’ heart felt notions, finished the X, as it too was his starting line in a new land.



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Sixth Umbral Moon, 10th Sun

10:33 am

      Rhyse made it into the Marauders Guild. I feel happy for him. He should fit right at home there I think. Though I worry he may make too much trouble for them if I’m not around. He told me to try the Arcanist’s Guild, but I don’t think I can right now. There’s too many people there last time I checked.




7:50 pm

      I came straight home from the guild, I forgot a piece of document and I panicked and ran away. I should try somewhere else.  



Sixth Umbral Moon, 13th Sun


      Rhyse is out with the guild. I’m still trying my best on my own in the city without him. He told me to take my time, but I feel something heavy in my chest when I think about when he said that. I think I feel guilty. I need to work too and help out. I shouldn’t let him do everything for me. I’ll go out and try again.



Sixth Umbral Moon, 28th Sun


      The Culinarian Guild accepted me. I feel relieved. Now I won’t hold Rhyse back. I’ll get into the Arcanist Guild one day, so I can fight by Rhyse again out there.



First Astral Moon, 3rd Sun


      I got in the Arcanist Guild.



First Umbral Moon, 22nd Sun


      About to head out to the Lower La Noscea with a few other Arcanist and assist those in the Marauder’s Guild. I finally get to fight alongside Rhyse again. I’m excited. I won’t let him down.



Second Umbral Moon, 24th Sun

8 pm

      Getting ready tomorrow’s joint scouting mission in Central La Noscea. Rhyse said there was some weird activities spotted. Might be some more things dealing with crystals. Maybe our shifts might match and we get to look around together.


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Second Umbral Moon, 25th Sun


      Today feels weird. I feel like something happened but I haven’t heard anything happening today. The Aetheryte looks like its shining brighter though. But it might just be me.


That afternoon O’nikki began his route to survey the area, long stretches of flat lands and signs of farming encampments. After a while, he came across Rhyse just as he had hoped for. They began to look around some more, helping a few farmers across and chasing away some wild creatures. As the day was about to end Rhyse stopped in his tracks and ducked into a bush dragging O’nikki down with him. Putting a finger up to signal to be quite, Rhyse pointed towards the road going down hill in the middle of the field.


They see a hooded figure walking towards the path.


“That’s suspicious.” O’nikki whispered. “That path leads to a cave, why would anyone be going there?”


Rhyse stood up and began to walk to the same way the hooded figure went. And O’nikki followed along without question. He would follow Rhyse to any danger, as he would trust Rhyse with his life and Rhyse would trust his life to him.


Taking their time to follow the two hooded figures, they reached the cave as soon as the sun disappeared below the horizon. They lurked into the cave, slowly, to try and catch whatever their targets were doing. As they got further in, they saw the hooded figures, dark aura surround them. Suspicious indeed, they decided to listen in to see what is going on.


“Yes, soon the path to other worlds will be open.” One of the hooded figure spoke. As the other pulled out a small shard of crystal in their hands.


Seeing the crystal, Rhyse jumped out with his axe ready and rushed towards the hooded figure with O’nikki right behind him. Surprising them, Rhyse struck down one of the hooded figures, with O’nikki following behind to finish them off his spell. They then turned their attention towards the other one and rushed onto them. But before they could a powerful wave surged, buffeting them with arcane forces. As they were immobilized, the hooded figure ran past them out of the cave. Soon the two began to pursue them.


The chased lead them towards the center of Limsa Lominsa. Having cornered the figure by the Aetheryte.


“Stop right there, and I’ll only beat you up a little!” Rhyse shouted.


The hooded figure chuckled, “You cannot stop what has been put in motion long ago, I had paid a large sum to ensure this to happen” they said as they raised the shard of crystal still in their grasp.

“If one world does not hold what I seek, then maybe another one similar may hold my key.”


The crystal began to float aloft from his hand and began to shine brightly. And Rhyse, acting on his instincts, rushed and leap towards the figure tackling them onto the crystal.


“Rhyse!” O’nikki shouted, but before he could do anything else, the Aetheryte began to glow brightly blinding him.


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