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Pink Miqote Looking for Friends

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My name is Mimiko, but most people just call me "Mimi". Some have called me "Pinky" come to think about it, and a few drunkards have called me "Cmerepurtygurl". I know this seems odd but I am currently looking for some friendly people to hang out and maybe do some adventuring with. I am an entertainer by trade, not the kind that trades gil for sex.. Im the kind that  sings, dances and plays music. Ive been finding myself to be in the lack of company, and its been getting to me. So hopefully, some of you might actually take the time to read this and come say Hello.

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We're actually doing a grand opening event for our FC house on Zalera tomorrow (8 to 10 p.m. Eastern, June 2,  LB, Ward 5, Plot 16). We're a pretty laid back group and we're kind of new to RP in MMOs, but we're always down for making new friends. If you're looking for buddies, you'd be more than welcome to pay us a world visit!

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