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For decades, the Kingdom of Dalmasca has suffered occupation by the Garlean Empire, who have sought to break their spirits.


The Barheim Incident. The Razing of Rabanastre. The Execution of Resistance Leadership.


Despite the Empire's myriad attempts to halt the winds of rebellion, the Dalmascan people continue to endure, continue to rebel, and refuse to be broken.


As the eyes of the Empire turn elsewhere, as the movement in and out of the kingdom becomes easier, the Resistance prepares for what may well be a final attempt to excise the Imperials and regain their sovereignty. While there have long been Dalmascans scattered across the star, members of the Resistance venture into each of the free territories, seeking allies and assistance while those who remain within the Kingdom seek to unite the currently scattered factions.


Utilising the Crossworld Linkshell technology that's been added to the game, we have started an IC, player run version of the Dalmascan Resistance that was introduced during the Return to Ivalice raid series. Needless to say, much of our content contains spoilers for the raid series, as well as the MSQ quests. We host combat-based RP events using a custom-designed system, though the system's write up is still being adjusted.


Aside from the in-game Linkshell, we're hosted on the Dark Embers FC Discord and have a Tumblr for the CWLS.


Please contact any of our ranked members for an invite. Currently, while the DE-RP website is being updated, there's no application process beyond speaking to one of our ranked members and explaining your character to us.


CWLS Master

  • Ashla Manasse (Goblin)


CWLS Leaders

  • Relsar Manasse (Goblin)
  • Claire Brea (Balmung)
  • Leo Valera (Mateus)
  • Jurien Ashur (Goblin)

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