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New to FFXIV, Long-time RPer Looking for Community

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I'm brand new to FFXIV as of a week ago, but a long-time RPer from other MMOs. While I'm enjoying the game, I really want to get involved with the RP community, both for IC and OOC fun.


My character is Berehta Lodall, and she's typically found roaming the wilds looking for obscure plant matter, or having an afternoon tea at an oddly varying range of establishments where the unexpected can, and often does, happen.


I play an older character so I'm doing my best to fast-track the game lore during downtime at work (so much, so good though!) in order for her to come off as somewhat knowledgeable about the world and its history. Feel free to send me a tell if I'm way off about something.


Looking forward to meeting and RPing with you all!

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Welcome, I'm pretty much in the same boat of being a long time RPer that's fairly new to the game. Would definitely be happy to meet you at some point. My discord is DelphinusVyse#1503 if you have that and want to add me.

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Welcome aboard, I hope you make some great friends!

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