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[ Crystal DC ] Looking for Connections for my Character(s)!

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EDIT: I will be temporarily holding off on establishing future connections and contacts as of the moment due to the sheer number of requests that I've been given. I wish to get to know and give as much time as I can to those I've spoken to already to equally distribute my time for all and so I can settle in comfortably! So again, thank you for everyone that has took a glance here and for being so welcoming!



Hey, folks! I’ve been here for quite a bit now, and after finally getting my bearings, I’m confident (and gotten off my butt) enough to make a profile for some of my characters! While I only have one now, I’m thoroughly testing the waters to see how he does. Should things bold well, I’ll be poppin’ in some other character ideas and concepts I got brewing for those to meet! I'd also like to say that, while I'm honestly new to Roleplaying on Final Fantasy XIV, I'm fairly experienced with the concept of RP in general!


In the future, I'll be attempting to try my hand at making a fancy Carrd for Varus and future characters, yet till I become more familiar with how they work, I'll be sticking to the basics and dropping down information here. But I'll update this accordingly should I ever figure it out! Finally, I'd just like to give a big and appreciative thank you for those who stopped by to look at my ad. 😃


--Varus Ryder--




The Basics:


Gender: Male

Race/Clan: Hyur Midlander


Age: 21

Height: 5 Fulms 9 Ilms

Weight: 196 Ponze


Marital Status: Single

Orientation: Heterosexual

Alignment: Neutral Good


Location: Ul’dah

Occupation: Gladiator, part-time Bodyguard




 Varus comes across as a lighthearted, optimistic, charming young man. He possesses a sense of humor that relies on his verbal agility and his fondness of absurdity and appreciates when that humor can be matched. But behind the witty, sarcastic mask is a man that can be prone to turning into a bashful, blubbering klutz when he becomes lost for words; becoming terribly awkward in a number of situations. Regardless, he’s fearlessly royal to those he can claim to be a friend.


RP Hooks:


Ul’dah - The City that has turned Sand into Gold


“Ahh, there she is, Ul’dah. You know, they say you can get anything here. I once got pick-pocketed.”


Varus arrived to Ul’dah some three twelvemoons (years) ago in search of the ripe opportunity that’s said to plague the very foundations of the city itself. Before he started and settled upon Gladiatorial combat as an occupation, he did simpler and straight forward jobs such as being the occasional delivery boy to the handling and transporting of various goods. Though in between all of these, he explored the city: taking in its sights and its wonders. The Quicksand Inn became a frequent place for him to stop, ranging from people watching, listening to the bards play their instruments, and more as his curiosity of the unique and exotic never ceased to amaze him, nor pique his interest. There’s possibility you might’ve ran into him some moons ago and found yourself in random, idle conversation with the boy. He isn’t one to shy away from such occurrences. Mayhaps you saw Varus always seeming to avoid certain streets and you’ve always wondered why, and he never seems to at all take those that lead or intersect to the Thaumaturge’s Guild. There’s a lot of possibilities for this one for ideal RP hooks!


The Tournaments


“I wouldn't underestimate me if I were you.. My motto is ‘maybe I’ll get lucky next time.’”


For the last two twelvemoons, Varus has been participating within small tournaments scattered across Ul’dah and occasionally those hosted on the outskirts of Thanalan in hopes of earning gill through his skillset with the sword. However, he usually takes more losses than wins, as is the common fate and norm for the beginners in the field of gladiatorial entertainment. Perhaps there was a day you happened by one of these events and spied Varus partaking the bout with another. Perhaps you were even IN the bout and Varus was your opponent! Either way, should he mark up another loss or a curious yet well deserved win, Varus tends to retreat back to the Quicksand Inn to recuperate and to nurse his wounds with a good drink.




“Escort duty: Where I can shadow the occasional folk, act mean to the unsavory lot, and get paid for it. Sounds easy, right? What could possibly go wrong?”


Fighting in tournaments is Varus’s main source of income, and there are a few cases where it pays well for a few of the bouts that he goes into. But there come days where there aren’t any tournaments available or some that he doesn’t wish to do due to the opponents or the conditions. So, Varus tends to find that being a bodyguard for a few doesn’t exactly hurt, as long as the bloke in question isn’t someone that he’ll come at odds with their agendas and his morals. While not a total successful side jobs for gil, he is prone to find a few that take him on. He tends to offer his services to those that seem rather new to the city, helping them become familiar with the grounds while keeping at bay the few muggers that may prey upon them should they take a wrong turn into a dark alleyway.



Sparring Partners


“Care for a spar, do you? Just don’t paint me in too many bruises, yeah? I’d rather be able to walk the distance back to my room at the Quicksand after.”


When he isn’t found to be performing on the Bloodsands, playing bodyguard for the paying, or taking the day off casually at the Quicksand, he’s usually found near or within the Gladiator’s Guild practicing. Always striving to perfect his methods and techniques to improve his chances on winning his fights, but there comes a point where a striking dummy filled with straw just won’t do it anymore. Be an amateur or veteran duelist, should your character ever wander into the Guild and likewise train, Varus could’ve been your partner once or twice.



Childhood Friend


“Heeeeey, it’s great to see you again! Did you come out all this way to see me, perhaps?”


Varus hails from a small, cozy settlement that’s squeezed in the far-off corner of Wester Thanalan and pitted against the sea that caresses the borders: The Silver Bazaar. Once a former famous waypoint for trade that arrived from across the seas, all manners of folk came to the hamlet to preach their wares or to simply find reprieve that takes the form as walls against the desert sun. If, in some point of your characters’ journey, found themselves at the Silver Bazaar in their youth, there’s a very good chance they would’ve gotten to know Varus. Varus as a child was very rambunctious, driven by an intense curiosity and fascination for those who were foreign to this trade point and propelled him towards greeting other young children hailing from far away lands. Well rather simple, his wish at the age was to be able to claim friends as far as he could see over the seas. While he’s a bit more tamed now in his age, he is instantly recognizable as he looks nearly the same all those many moons ago; just taller with a small patch slapped underneath his chin.


What I am looking for with this character:


What I’m mostly looking for with Varus is building up contacts and friendships for him, people to work for temporarily, etc. Folks who he can socialize with at the any time of the day when he isn’t off to hopefully earn the next purse of gil that’ll feed him for the week. Though this could partially branch into with having people partake into actual gladiatorial bouts with him! Having small events organized and the like!







Other bits of Information:


The majority of my characters are currently scattered across the many servers on the Crystal DC, taking advantage of the "Road to 60-70" EXP buff that characters get for being made on Preferred worlds. However, I'm not at all against 'Wandering' over to some of the more RP dominant worlds located within Crystal for in-game RP, so I'm very well capable of coming to you to set-up and RP it out as I honestly don't mind traveling over for convenience.


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Heyo. I've been roleplaying for a while, but still fairly inexperienced with FFXIV roleplay specifically. I've got a couple of characters in the Crystal DC, if you're still looking for connections/buddies for your character(s).

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Hey there, I would LOVE to rp with you!


I have a character named Setanta Lamhfada, currently working as a Hunter. He occasionally fights in Gladitorial arenas to test his mettle, so they could have certainly met through that way! 

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