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Greetings from Faerie

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Hello all! I'm happy to have found this little corner of the FFXIV community. :)


After having dabbled briefly with the game during Heavensward's release, I came back last November and have fallen into Eorzea big time. 


I used to role-play a little back in WoW: Burning Crusade and Rift but I haven't done any online role-playing in several years. I do play and run D&D on a regular basis, however, so I'm not completely rusty!  I'm hoping to connect with the RP community on Faerie/Aether.

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Welcome welcome!

I don't know if Faerie has a personal rp discord server but you can connect with other aether rpers from all the servers here! We're a friendly lot and always looking of cross world shenanigans!



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