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Argyle Aldrich

mateus [Mateus] Oracles of Empyrean - [ Free Company / Crossworld Linkshell ]

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Our Website: [ Click Here ] Our Story: [ Click Here ] Our RP System: [ Click Here ]

Contact Ryslo Suramlo#0001 if you have any Questions via Discord.

Currently Recruiting 12 Members (Active) to fill our Current 4 Squads.



Our Community is being created to bring to life a living, breathing and interactive story telling experience where each player will have moments where they are highlighted and moments where everyone is at center stage. Where you feel engaged immediately with the community and where you can learn, develop and grow within the lore that Square Enix has provided us. Not new to the lore? Wonderful as you grow in our community through progression, meaningful rp encounters and involvement you will be able to help shape the future of our community by hosting varying events of both Adventure and Training. 


Now Recruiting for Crossworld Linkshell (Activity will still be monitored, Character Sheets Still used, Discord still accessible and all RP done on Mateus).


Where did Oracles of Empyrean get their Concept?

So we intend to run this very akin to how a Jedi or Sith Guild would in a Starwars game except we will be utilizing the Mythos of Final Fantasy, Eorzea and Othard. New members will be assigned to 'Core Groups' which will help them grow, develope and learn the methods of the Oracles and when they achieve the rank of Acolyte they'll be assigned to a specific Oracle. They will host individual training sessions / missions for their Acolyte and record the encounters on our site. Each Sunday we will calculate your attendance and give out Skill Points on which you can spend to grow your character - Eventually your character will achieve one final rank before making it to Oracle on which they'll be faced with Five Trials. These Trials will determine whether or not your character (RP Method) is ready to become a full fledged Oracle on which they can then help foster the future as the Oracle that had been responsible for their care had.


Why all these steps? Ranks are important but story is far more important to us. This method allows us to help keep people on the same footing, ensure standards are met along the way and that everyone is treated the same. We want people to feel connected to others and we want this legacy to be built. As you rank up you'll be highlighted by attending beautiful ceremonies and as you grow through all these methods your character too becomes an ambassador to our home. In the end we want to make sure we can tell a story and one that we all can be proud to retell. Memories are far more important to us and the trip we take then whos on top and whos on bottom.




2 week Trial Period - Assigned a Squad


This rank is our starter position within our organization. Those coming on board will be given a in character meet up prior to being invited to get that in character connection started. Next once invited they’ll assigned a Squad. Squads are led by an Oracle. In these squads they’ll be able to go on small missions (small events) doing anything from escorting to hunting. General good work which will build the immersion of the world up while building connections with your fellow squad mates.

After two weeks of activity you will be promoted to Acolyte. A sign you are a full member with our company at that point.




Full member rank - Continue progression


As an Acolyte you will be still attending squad events but also allowed to attend the free companies main story events as well. You will continue to work on building a connection with your fellow squad mates. This rank is all about charting your path, building further bonds with your free company mates and finding your niche among the collective. 

Once you acquire a cumulative of 60 skill points you will be eligible for promotion.




Veteran Member- Undergo Trials - Path to Oracle


As an Adept you will be experienced enough to finally undergo a set of five trials. These trials will make sure (in character) your ready to lead your own squad or at least make sure your ready to bare the title of Oracle. You’ll still attend squad events, free company events and as said the special trial events.


Trial of Knowledge - an event will be organized to introduce some final fantasy lore into your characters journey. These events will reflect the past but they don’t necessarily have to recite lore simply reflect it. Perhaps journeying through some old ruins, walking a path well traveled or even visiting a place where the Oracles had treaded before.


Trial of Self - by this point enough should be known about your character that a small event can be held where your character squares off against something that haunts them, some unfinished business or perhaps just dealing with an issue that had come up prior. This trial is very focused on you the player, a small event with you as the star.


Trial of leadership - you’ll take point during a mission. You will be assigned the leader a night, making decisions and orchestrating others. Success or failure this trial is meant to give you as a character and player insight on the day to day of an Oracle.


Trial of communication - more of an ooc event. You’ll get together with your Oracle and they’ll go over the procedures that they need to do weekly to best arm and prepare you for the next stage. Showing you the forums from their perspective, going over mission requests and logging attendance. Very important trial to arm you with needed knowledge.


Trial of the Empyrean - the last trial. This is an event that will be organized anytime there is someone ready to take this trial by an Empyrean. Your Oracle and Yourself will wear for this event special robes created by the organization to undergo a ceremony that is special to you and your Oracle. A final farewell for the Oracle and their squad member as you will be granted at the end of this trial the rites to be promoted to Oracle. A separate promotion ceremony will be held in front of everyone to honor the moment.




Squadleader - Mentor Rank


Oracles are the free companies mentors. They lead squads, run small squad missions and record attendance. They are in charge of small groups but also a part of the governing body of the organization as they will be invited to meet with the Empyreans twice a month to go over progress, present ideas and influence in character direction for the oracles labor. They are also responsible for providing information about members (how they are progressing and so forth).


This is a vital role as we will only open recruitment based on how many Active Oracles we have and how active their members are. They are also important as they work with other squads to ensure they have cooperation being bred and making sure if one of their members can attend an event they are hosting that week that they convey to another Oracle if they can take said individual for their day of training that week as to ensure everyone has ample opportunity. It’s part of the reason a squad will only ever comprise of 4 slots (that includes the Oracle).


Oracles are invited to tough events every other week that’ll be hosted by the Empyreans as this is meant to tether the Oracles with the Empyreans. Plus important too as the Oracles are tethered to their squads. Very important this cycle as it keeps everyone connected.




Member of the conclave - Administrators


Empyreans work for the collective not the other way around. What do we mean by this? They strive to crest custom content for the free company - they work on recruitments, interviews, trials, Oracle missions, and the Main story event. They also run website administration and discord. 


Also responsible for running a squad and following the same guidelines as previous ranks. While each Empyrean is responsible for all that has been noted including administration of peer to peer issues the following are what each Empyrean will be focused in. 

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Oh My!  We have reached Wednesday, having been very busy roleplaying our beginnings

  • Last night we welcomed Wandering Shrike to the Oracles of the Empyrean - She will be part of Nessa Aldrich's squad.
  • Tonight we were honored to officially welcome Selene Rose into our roleplay. She will be joining Sigmund Lorimer's squad

Yet the busy week continues!

  • Thursday night 02/06 Argyle will be meeting with his Squad, joined by Nessa and her squad, for a scouting mission.
  • Friday night 02/07 our pen and paper group meet
  • Saturday night 02/08 an earlier meeting of pen and paper group
  • Sunday 02/09 Our Book I, Chapter 1 begins in Little Ala Mhigo

It is very exciting times we are enjoying. Of course, we welcome others to join us in our escapades. 
Send one of us a message with any questions you may have or visit our website at https://oe-rp.enjin.com.




Edited by Katja Lykios

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Having mentioned squads a few times, let's introduce the leaders and their squads to you.


Empyrean (and leader) Argyle Aldrich 

  • Initiate Cucubi Iybi

Empyrean Nessa Aldrich 

  • Initiate Wandering Shrike

Empyrean Katja Lykios

  • Acolyte Naranbaatar Kha

Oracle Sigmund Lorimer

  • Acolyte Selene Rose

Oracle Sehu Ketto

  • Acolyte Rahi Ketto

Each squad has an opening for 2-3 more people. Perhaps our next squad member could be you!


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On 1/29/2020 at 3:38 PM, Argyle Aldrich said:

Our 30-day Goal:

Filling out the spaces we have in our current Squads (Total of 12!)

Hosting small Squad Based Missions.

Hosting an event specifically for 'Oracle' Rank and above.


January 29th Argyle posted the above 30 day goals for the Oracles of the Empyrean.


Here we are a week later already getting into motion!

  • We have 5 squads, each having at least one member. 
  • Weekly we are hosting our Squad based missions [4 missions so far]
  • Tomorrow we have the main mission to begin our Story -- [BOOK I] Little Ala Mhigo [ Chapter 1 ]

The Empyreans invite you to become one of us. If you are interested in learning what we are about, please Click Here to learn more.

Interested in joining our ranks, then please feel free to place an APPLICATION


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We welcome the following members to our Company - Sigmund Lorimer, Sehu Ketto & Rahi Ketto



"We may be growing at a slow rate but the RP is enriching, the story telling is believable and our squads are filling out perfectly. We are soon going to be launching our first Chapter of what we call Book I which will focus on the Refugee's of Little Ala Mhigo. We keep attendance of who come to our events, issue skill points (Currency that can upgrade folks sheets and allow them the full ability to customize their character the way they see fit) and making sure we engage everyone with equality and even stride. Our Pen and Paper approach to things is allowing us to tell a unique story that makes sure everyone has the honor to be the star of the book and everyone has the option to make a change. Our small events (Squad events) keep people engaged while our larger events keep everyone united. Come check us out!" -- Argyle Aldrich

Desktop Screenshot 2020.02.09 -

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Now Open to Recruiting for Crossworld Linkshell Membership & Free Company Membership!

Are you a part of a Free Company you love but missing Open World RP? Interested in Pen and Paper Styled Organization with Squad based Growth, Promotions and more? We are open to all servers joining us. Just keep in mind the following:


  •  We will be keeping track of Activity and removing Inactive members as if they were a part of our Free Company.
  •  We will be utilizing our Pen and Paper System
  •  We will still be running in Squads, Holding Promotions, Doing PvE Events and so forth.
  •  All RP will be done on Mateus as that is our Home Server.


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We understand that the Application Process is not for everyone - It is in place to ensure we put some emphasis on our website as we will be utilizing to organization our events, record logs ( These are done a lot more efficiently in a website format then on discord), give room for people's Journals and so forth. This all said - The Site will always be a valuable tool for us as we recruit though for the sake of recruiting we are also open to doing straight up meet ups and getting things moving forward that way as well. 

Add Ryslo Suramlo#0001 and contact me with your interest. Just please keep in mind before adding me to at minimal [ read this link ] as it details our Rules, Rank and Story. Expectations are there as well as we want to ensure we keep our standard of Quality over Quantity at the forward most thoughts. Our General Rules are [ Here ] too.

Yes we are Recruiting for our Free Company ( We really wish to grow this part of our community first ) & Crossworld Linkshell which it is important to know that anyone who joins our Crossworld Linkshell portion of our site will still fall in the same standards and site usage requirements as our Free Company Members.



Edited by Argyle Aldrich

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As the week draws to an end, we look forward to next week's schedule

  •  Feb 17th, Monday, 7:00 pm EST, [RP] Meeting with Ala Mhigo [Chapter One] 
  • Feb 19th, Wednesday, 8:00 pm EST, [Group mission] Task 2: The Ramsey of Skinning & Cooking

You may see that there is a Task mission. There are three task missions that Oracle+ ranks can take. They can be done by either just squad members with their Oracle or a bit more outreaching to those within the FC and Crossworld Linkshell members.  These missions have a direct impact on the Bi-weekly Main events. 


I wonder what will happen this week and how it will affect next week's story!


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We are embarking upon Chapter 1 of our Main Story Event this week which is super exciting for us! We also will have three missions per chapter that can be done or not done within a two week period. Since we are hosting Chapter events every two weeks, the Story Missions Squads can take will allow our community to tell our Free Company Story in small bits and odds which we will take the results of those missions and piece them together for the following Chapter. Just another way we are trying to expand the narrative to our community.


Also We are Recruiting for - Crossworld Linkshell & Free Company (You can join both!)

Also I will do direct interviews so add Ryslo Suramlo#0001 On Discord and send me a message via Discord. Our website will still be required though so please keep that in mind as we will be utilizing a pen and paper system, have means to promote folks and make thinks uniformed.

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Just a reminder that we, The Oracles of the Empyrean, begin Chapter 1 of our story, tomorrow.
In the prelude, we met with the Brotherhood of Ash, Amal'ja, in order to come to an accord about Little Ala Mhigo.

Tomorrow we meet those in charge and living within the refugee camp in that same area. 
What we find tomorrow will give the Oracles a beginning point in which to start aiding the refugees, those that cannot leave or do not want to leave. We also hope to aid those that want to leave, to learn ways of making gil to earn up to return to their homelands.


 Feb 17th, Monday, 7:00 pm EST, [RP] Meeting with Ala Mhigo [Chapter One] 


We are Recruiting for - Crossworld Linkshell & Free Company (You are welcome to either/or or both!)

Our FC Leader, Argyle Aldrich, and myself, Katja Lykios, will do direct interviews. If interested please add Ryslo Suramlo#0001(argyle) and/or Nytefall#3282 On Discord and send us a message via Discord. Our website will still be required though so please keep that in mind as we will be utilizing a pen and paper system, have means to promote folks and make thinks uniformed.



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