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New player, Don't know where to go.

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Hello, I am a new player to FFXIV, sort of. I played shortly after release, have a character on balmung, but I am starting over on PC. I plan on making a Hrothgar. I haven't found any info on the naming conventions other than Hrothgar is german so it will most likely be an old Europeanesque name. If someone wanted to send me a friend pass I would make a new account. I preordered the complete collection that releases on the 2nd. I am looking to meet some new people, have some good RP, and get to know the world. 

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The naming conventions for Hrothgar were confirmed to be delayed until post-shb launch, as per the official forum- so it'll be a little while yet :) You can always just go with a placeholder name that could potentially become a nickname in conjunction with a name that follows the naming convention later on.


As for where to go, we have server visiting now- so anywhere in the Crystal Datacenter will let you be able to world-visit Balmung. Both Balmung and Mateus have massive communities when it comes to RP FC's, and Zalera is also up-and-coming on this front. Hope you find a good place and welcome (back)!

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