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Hey! Another introduction.

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I'm fairly new to FFXIV. I tried it out years ago, managed to get a character on Balmung, but wasn't sold on the race I'd picked and didn't know if I'd be able to get another character on the server. As a result, I only leveled to 11 and threw in the towel. With Shadowbringers, I thought I'd try to dive in again since everyone swears by the game. I'm having fun so far. I never realized how detailed this game was.


I don't know how actively I'll roleplay, but I'd love the opportunity to see what the crystal dc has to offer, wherever it happens to be. Are there guides to RP active areas & tips for jumping in?

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I can recommend the RP handbook here:

Other than that, many people have asked that question before you, so perhaps take some time to peruse through the RP discussion forum. There's bound to be some tips and tricks here and there that might help you. I would recommend looking into groups and discords to start with, find yourself a home that can support you on your levelling journey :)

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