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jenova [Jenova] LF RP and hopefully some new friends as well

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Hello everyone reading this


I've been playing FFXIV for quite some time now, and I've always been interested in the RP aspect of the game. I haven't roleplayed very much, but I would like to dive right into it and meet some people as well. I play a male Raen Au'a, called Rino. I'm open for Linkshells or Discord, also I'm open to any kinds of rp. Hope to hear from you guys 🥰

ffxiv_dx11 2019-06-30 03-33-51.png

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I know I have seen you in game because that name is incredible 🤣😝

I’m Magealina Jolie and I’m on Jenova as well. My hubby and currently lead a small fc which is in the process of becoming larger and including rp. We haven’t quite started recruiting yet because we are ironing out the finer details. But I would love to hang out in game. I’m new to role playing but super excited to make friends and build some great relationships! I’m in the eastern time zone so usually on after 5 on weekdays and most times on the weekends. Come find me & let’s hang out! 

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