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Treasure Hunter LF FC/LS/Friendships

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Name: Ylsa Iryut

Race: Viera

Gender: Female

Server: Balmung

Timezone: Pacific


I am currently on the hunt for a Free Company that is, both, active and would make sense for my character. She is a treasure hunter, mostly for relics or items of power or knowledge (i.e. Soul Crystals or antiquities), but will take on jobs for a number of other things if the mood strikes her. I’ve been describing her as if Black Cat were to join the Gullwings.


I’m finding that most Free Companies on Balmung are very small so I am also open to invitations to RP linkshells as another venue to make her some closer acquaintances (maybe even some real friends). I am trying to get out there and level up but I’d really rather find some people that I can do that with.


Looks us up in Eorzea/Norvrandt,






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Hey there! You mentioned Norvrandt--I'm RPing a native, so if you find yourself RPing on the First feel free to hit me up! Some info in my signature. My character's an alchemist/botanist in the starting city, who's always hiring people to find her things. If you'd like to get in touch for RP sometime let me know! 


Good luck with your search ^^

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