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Brand New to FF14 RP

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Hi folks!!


Brand spanking new to FF14 (my first character hit 21 last night!) but I've rp'd for many many years in other games.


I'm trying to get an idea of what is kosher and what is taboo as far as FF14 goes so I can make a decent character.

Are bounty hunters a thing? What about villians (thieves, assassins, etc.)?

Do people rp as apprentices looking for masters? Do they do the training/student rp that would go with that?

What about very religious characters- obviously never having spoken to a God but has themselves convinced their special.

Actors, dancers, acrobats, musicians- are they common?


Anything else you can think of to avoid?

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Welcome Mud!


Ill answer your questions in numerical order as they are asked, just for easy reading. :)

1. Bounty Hunters are indeed a thing! Its a very easy thing to start a character with, and they can grow beyond that, if you chose that path. There are several types of bounty hunters (voidsent hunters, monster hunters--you have a pretty wide range!)


2. Villains in FFXIV actually come in a very wide spectrum. You can have the more natural villains, such as you mentioned (assassins, thieves, etc) or you can be a Garlean Empire conscript, an evil mage working for a cult (think sorta like the Ascians; but I think Ascians in lore are limited to the ones you will meet in the storyline, so people rarely RP as them. You can be a sympathizer of course, though. Just be warned people would not be kind to you, lol. Garlean conscripts can be interesting to play, because they often join the empire to save their family--the Empire takes these other places (Othard, Doma for examples) and basically puts them under their heel with their might. Ala Mhigo, as you will find out, suffered a great deal from the Empire (I wont say much more since I don't want to spoil anything!) But you have a very big variety to choose!


3. Apprentices/Masters RP is a very good route to go if you want to start out on a long-term sort of thing with another player. As for how the RP is done, you would need to converse with your RP partner on how you both would like to do it. Some people get more detailed in it where others are more lax with it/don't get into the details. Its very varied between the partner you find!


4. Religious characters are more than acceptable! I'm uncertain what race interests you, but one of the more 'established' bits of religious lore would be Ishgardian Elezen and their reverence to Halone. But all of the Twelve have their followers, and you'd have to look around for that lore (I haven't played a character heavy on religion in FFXIV XD)


5. Actors/Musicians/Singers/etc. are also very common! There is actually a few theater-based troupes in terms of player Free Companies (or guilds) that have RP events to do varied things to that nature. I recommend looking around these forums to check out some of the other inquiries to things similar to your own; when I first started, the threads of others really helped get me on my way! :)


6. As far as things to avoid--there is a good bit, but as I mentioned before, I'd check the other threads asking about jobs (classes) and similar things; there are good responses! :D


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