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yet another noob


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Hey everyone! I'm a long-time Final Fantasy fan but have only started playing XIV recently (i'm still doing ARR).


I'm looking for RP buddies (not an FC) on the crystal data center!


Basho Gunji


**edited since his backstory and appearance have changed drastically since I started this post LOL**




Anyway hope to meet you guys soon! I'm usually on in the evenings EST!

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Welcome to the RPC! Please don't be sorry for giving RP a shot!


RP can be intimidating a bit (it was for me, at first!) but it's super fun. I'm happy to hear that you're delving into it!


I haven't done it in a while but if you ever find yourself giving Balmung a little visit, I'd be more than happy to do some RP with you 🙂 - it's been a really long time for me, so the dialogue would be just fine. Plus, we could both learn some of the emotes together lol

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