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[Balmung] The Regalia's Opening Night, August 4th 2019 @5PM PST/8PM EST

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(Disclaimer: this is quite literally the first time I've ever utilized these forums in the seven years I've played this game.  I apologize if I miss anything or overstep my boundaries.)


The Higuri Regalia Presents: Nichibotsu’s Opening Night!


A night of fine dining, awe-inspiring performances and exquisite foods!


Coordinator Jaanavar Vakta and Lord Thiji of the Regalia are excited to open the Othard Branch Headquarters to the public again, debuting it as a performance venue and a weekly event for the community.


Within the Mythrite Suites Hotel is the Nichibotsu, which is Hingan for "Sunset's Bounty."  It is a place of fine dining and refinement, offering to its customers a chance to experience high scale food and music, the likes of which they’ve never seen before! You can join us for the restaurant, performances, or if you’d like, the bar!


By the end of the night, before the doors close, we will be hosting our own minion giveaway!  You are advised to remain until then as the minions to be given away are quite rare and expensive.


This event will be IC and is Happening on Balmung, Shirogane Ward 16 Plot 60; Sunday, August 4th @5pm PST/ 8pm EST. 


More information on the event can be found here: https://mythriteshah.tumblr.com/post/186690158811/mythrite-suites-opening


"Welcome to the Mythrite Suites - Where Opulence is Shared."

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