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mateus Uranami Onsen 1 Year Anniversary! Aug. 31st

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Uranami Onsen’s Staff are excited to announce our 1 Year Anniversary! 
Join us for a night of… 

Onsen Fun & Food!
Glamour Contest*
Triple Triad
Music & More!

Please come by and enjoy our amenities such as our healing spas (both indoor and outdoor), sauna (dry & wet!), and ring in our 1 year anniversary with contests and fun! Thank you very much in advance and we hope that you enjoy your evening with us!

Date: August 31st.
Time: 5pm Pacific
Location: Mist w15/p5


Theme: The Kami & The Four Lords!

Dress up as your favorite Kami or Four Lord and compete with other glamoured folks! Show the ferocity of the great lord Byakko, the serenity of the great Lord Genbu, the energized dance of Suzaku, the calm of Seiryu. If none of those suit you, perhaps the might of Lord Susano, the moonlit beauty of Tsukiyomi, the Foxy Lady of Doma, or even…

 THE BIG ONE of the Namazu! 

First Prize: The Golden Whisker Minion + Red Hare Mogstation Mount
Second Prize: Wind-up Namazu Minion + Doman Barding Mogstation Barding
Third Prize: Plush Cushion Minion + Eastern Dance Mogstation Emote

Exclusions: Part Time Staff & Full Time Staff will not be allowed to participate.




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This is this upcoming weekend! August 31st!

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Hope to see you all there!

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