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[Crystal/Zalera] Seeking a Long-term Partner In Crime!

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Name: Grim Blackgrave
Server: Zalera
Gender: Male
Age: 35
Race: Hyur/Highlander
Sexuality: Hetereosexual
Occupation: Crime Lord
Marital Status: Single



Grim works as a killer for hire, smuggler, and a procurer of goods.
Grim is always on the hunt for victim.
Grim indulges in drink and entertainment.
Grim is seeking associates and underlings.


Looking For

Associates, Subordinates, love interest/partner in crime.


Starting next week, my playtime will primarily be 1am-3pm EST. Maybe sometimes in the afternoons and evenings. Weekdays. Weekends are harder to get on play. Discord 24/7, everyday availability for RP and chat.


I enjoy casually doing end-game content and am an omnicrafter/gatherer.



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Hello dearie, I might be interested my discord is. 


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