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Hello + Questions from Independent Writer!

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Hi! Just got directed to this site by a friend. I seriously enjoy learning about the different ways people build characters and interact with the lore of FFXIV so would love to poke around the site and see what people have done, but 1) don't know what exists where or if there are smooth entry points to read things 2) I'm mostly an independent writer and consider myself pretty experienced on that front.


I have done small RPs in the past, usually with close friends and never with FFXIV. The approach I'm doing with my character I'd like to keep mostly self-contained and presented in a way that anybody could open a story I've written after playing the game and follow what's happening. Pretty canon compliant. In terms of what I make I might be open to limited collaborative stuff as fun, episodic experiments if people want and it doesn't directly contradict the direction I'm setting up with canon tone, but like I said I'm mostly independent and like to present things in ways that are friendly to new readers.


I'm someone who is used to trading stories and prompts in kink-memes (places people request and write stories anonymously, don't have to be romantic despite the name), but FFXIV's is very dead. I love being able to write stuff as exercises and I seriously enjoy providing stories for people who have wanted to read something but don't feel like writing it out themselves.


Is there room for someone like me at all? I get the sense RP is where most of FFXIV's writers go haha so been kind of wandering around going 😮


If anybody is interested and more context would help, this is the kind of thing I tend to do.

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If you are looking for stories, I think you should take a gander at tumblr and maybe also pillowfort.social (The latter is lesser used). A lot of the people I see writing stories post their stuff on individual tumblrs; though I can't really name any as a starting point. Tumblr does offer some options for interacting and I think some still also RP on it.

There may also be some discords out there that focus on story-style RP, so it might be worth asking around whenever you find anything that seems to look like what you are looking for.


It's not exactly the smoothest or easiest starting point, but it's somewhere! Tumblr has a large portion of the RP community active on it. You will definitely stumble over some LFRP posts and such there too so maybe you'll find someone who's interested in the same thing, you never know.

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