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Some particular questions

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I'm a bit of an oddball here since I don't RP, I merely am an aspiring writer and I want to give some extra life to my character and my friend's characters as well. Since my stories have a lot of comic relief and will verge between serious and parody, I'm not too concerned with stretching some lore to it's limits. However, I still want to do things right, and I need some help for extra research. 


These particular questions are regarding me and my wife's characters: a Roegadyn Sea Wolf male and a Viera Rava female. If we marry, (if we even are able to marry) and have children, can these children be born as Roegadyn OR Viera, with some minor features inherited but no actual half-breed features? If so, of what clan would they be considered? Also, is it possible for both of our characters to have lived most of our lives in Rabanastre and Dalmasca, and not in Eorzea? If so, would we be affected by the Calamity? 


I also assume that a Roegadyn in Rabanastre would not be a very common sight. I'm also aware that half-breeds are not generally well-liked in Eorzea.


Thanks in advance for helping me, and sorry if you've heard these questions a million times before, I searched a bit on the forums and in Sounsyy's Lore Compilations Index and couldn't find direct answers for this. 



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We know very little about how half-breeds work in the game.   So far I think we have only seen two such in the game - Hilda who is a mixed midlander hyur/elezen and who looks like a hyur with pointy ears, and Arenvald who is a mixed Garlean/highlander Hyur who looks like a highlander.


I don't know about Rabanastre, but there are certainly Roegadyn native to other parts of the continent of Othard.  They are not Sea Wolf or Hellsguard roegadyn though, but belong to some third, unnamed, clan.


Thanks to the actions of Louisoix, the Seventh Calamity had very little direct effect outside Eorzea.


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Official Forum Thread (2011)



Can different races crossbreed?

Answer: Yes, but it is rare...and often difficult due to cultural differences, etc. which is why you don't see it often. The lore team has informed me that there will be future quests/events that touch on this and other issues, such as love and marriage.


So this has since been expanded on a little bit through the quests that Skae mentioned. The Hilda quest is likely what the "Future/Quests events" referred to.


I do not quite remember where, if it's an official source like the Lore Panels or somewhere else, but I believe it has been phrased that the more different the races are, the more difficult it would be for a couple of said combination to have a child. This is also seen by the fact that half-breeds within each race's clans are a fairly common sight among NPC's, especially with seeker/keeper miqo'te's (so you may have a child NPC that presents with sharp teeth - a keeper trait, and slitted eyes, a seeker trait). Through this logic I can only guestimate that typical racial features would be distributed at random with any half-breed child, so that would be up to you.


So the answer is yes, you can, but it would be very rare and I would encourage you to consider this when as you progress through roleplay; from having problems with it, all the way through to the potential stigma there may be from other inhabitants of hydaelyn that a mixed couple has managed to produce such a child. Personally I don't think a roegadyn and a viera would have as many problems as e.g a roegadyn and a miqo'te would, but both combinations would be rare still regardless. I also think when it comes to things like this, it's all about how you integrate it into your RP and less so important that the lore says it's improbable.

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We have no clear, hard rule on how half breeding work. From the few examples here and there found ingame or in the story, and without speaking about interclan breeding but actual interracial stuff, things would tend to point at the offspring taking on more on the mother side, especially on the frame and size for obvious birthing reasons (I mean it's the same IRL anyway). Hilda keeps a hyuran frame, Arenvald a highlander one, etc. We also heard of a Ruby Princess mixed with a hyur fisherman father, and she is said to have been au'ra in appearance, but almost devoid of scales. All in all I would say that what we have seen of it leaves a bit of freedom for people to create their own thing.


Dalmasca was known as one of the most diverse nations when it came to its demographics so I would really not sweat it about roegadyns here. 25% of "others" is quite a sizeable amount of whatever race that isn't Hyur, Viera, or Banga...


Otherwise the Calamity struck Eorzea the hardest since the elder primal Bahamut also obviously focused mostly on Carteneau before being stopped by Louisoix, but the biggest part of the Calamity was actually Dalamud itself that exploded and sent wreckages and colossal chunks all around, nuking the land. This struck Eorzea the hardest, but you can bet that they felt some of it in other regions. This is a Calamity after all. Imagine a smaller version of the moon crashing down on the planet, even if most of its kinetic force was dampened before impact and the thing exploded...

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