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Completely new to FFXIV RP! Hello!

Juni Tella

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I am a writer-roleplayer however I am completely new to the world of FFXIV and it's roleplay. To the point that one of my questions is actually how to even roleplay on the game. I'm extremely excited to get into it, and I've been playing for the past couple of days to get a feel for the game itself, so I'm here to see if I could get a quick run down of how the roleplay community works there!


I'm on Balmung and my character's named Juni Tella, if anyone's curious to say hello! :)


Some other questions: (and pardon me if they're extremely naive.)

- Do people rp/talk through the chat down in the corner?

- do you have to consistently use emotes and acting during rp?

- I've been told simply to put in my account 'Walk up tell' and that 'people will understand' but I don't particularly understand...

- am I supposed to put a quick 60 character backstory on that profile bio?

- do you send messages or tells? what exactly is the difference?


Thank you so much for your time for helping answer some of these questions and introducing me to the rp world! 

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Howdy Juni and welcome aboard. I come from a similar background with rping in chat rooms and forums and FF is my first MMO. I'm still getting the hang of it but after a few months of playing, I feel confident enough to answer your questions. So, here we go.

- Yes, the little chatbox is used for rping. For comfort of use, you can expand it to your liking and make it as big as you like.

- Most people use emotes to supplement written text. E.g. I will often write that my character laugh or chuckled in a response and will often then include the emote. It can be repetitive at times perhaps but I think it works.

- Playing walk up or tell let's other roleplayers know you are approachable and are open to random encounters.

- Most people place small character quirks in that small box and others include a link to their Tumblr or Carrd.co profiles there which of course offers a in-depth look at your character.

- To my knowledge tells can be used for both ooc and ic situations. IC, tells can be use as a way for a character to whisper to another with out letting anyone else hear what they are passing on.

I hope this was helpful and if you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to ask.



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@Ezra Elric

Thank you so much for the info, you helped a ton and cleared a lot of things up. I appreciate it!

You've helped me come up with a couple more questions if that's okay? And sorry if these are super deep into the logistics, I just prefer knowing how to do it before I go around trying to rope people into an rp with me as a newbie!


-In regards to actions, how do you portray that in rp? asterisks? forward slash?

-i was told linkshells are like group texts? Do i directly message a person that i'm rping with? What if there are multiple people involved?


thank you!!!

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No worries, happy to help out.

- When portraying your character action, you can type int he command /emote and then type your character action.

e.g /emote walked into the tavern, pausing upon entering to allow his crimson eyes to adjust to the sudden darkness of the establishment.
 It would like like this in game.


Ezra Elric walked into the tavern, pausing upon entering to allow his crimson eyes to adjust to the sudden darkness of the establishment.

- Link shells act like private group texts and so, people use them with their Free Companies (think guild)and social groups. You can also have multiple link shells.

- As far as roleplaying, must is done with the /say command so it's open to those in your immediate vacinity of course if you like to keep things private, you can always form a party in play in there.

Any more questions? Ask away ^_^

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Welcome to FFXIV Juni! :)


I'd like to share something that may prove useful. You can turn off the emote text that comes up after you use a character expression or emote by opening the Emotes window and clicking the option 'Display log message' located at the bottom. This comes in handy if you'd like to use an expression or emote a few times but don't want to spam the public chat window with emote text. 

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@Moon Type

Thank you so much Moon :D

I'm not on it currently but when I am i'll walk through that and i'm sure it'll make a little more sense

but to clarify, I can turn it off so that there's not a constant 'juni laughs' phrase always popping up whenever I use the laugh emote? Is that what you mean?

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@Juni You've got it! And it can always be turned back on. ^_^


On the series of option icons at the bottom right of the screen there'll be one that says 'Social', click that and you'll see the option to access the 'Emotes' window. Some of them a very charming and quite entertaining, so when you have the chance play around with them and see which ones help bring out the character you've made. \o/ 

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