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Serious(And Sometimes Silly) Samurai Seeking Stories!

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Deckard Flynn





This here's my brand new character itching for some contacts. To keep it short and sweet; Deckard is an unrepentant ass of a man. He's got an unpaid tab in half the bars of Eorzea, and is banned from the remainder- and though he's young yet, he's made his fair share of enemies(through no fault of his own, he assures). Frustratingly stubborn, foul-mouthed, and a demanding perfectionist - just a few of his hallmark 'virtues'. Still, in spite of all of this, he warms up quickly to those he can drink or fight with - especially if he considers them as equals.


RP Hooks

Trouble Everywhere - Deckard finds a place on many, many grudge lists. The reasoning is typically

unimportant - though suffice it to say he often deserves it - and as a result, now and again, pesky

bounty-hunters or debt-collectors come sniffing after him.


Bar-Hopper - He certainly likes his drink - be it sophisticated wine or humble mead. This drive has 

led him to meet a wide variety of fellow tavern patrons, a few of which he was sober enough to



Occasional Mentor - Despite his laundry-list of shortcomings, Deckard excels at swordsmanship,

owing to his austere upbringing and devoted teacher. In her honour, he occasionally accepts pupils,

be they short-term lessons or long-term study. Those that've learned under him can attest to his

brutally effective teaching methods.


Noble Reliability - Over the years he's spent as a professional swordarm, Deckard's built up a 

small but reliable clientelle of noblepeople. His work expertise has ranged greatly, and he's come

to be known - rather miraculously - as a reliable, hard-working agent.


Anything Else - Deckard is a flexible character, and I like to think I'm a flexible writer. If you have 

something in mind, please lemme know! I like to accommodate and help people write stories - 

and it's far more fun when you hash something out with someone anyway.



OOC Info

- Player is 18+, and open to whatever themes are thrown my way. My style and length of RP often

 mirrors my partner's, and I'm interested in both IG and Discord RP for the most part - though

if you have another platform you'd prefer, lemme know, and we can work something out.


- I have a strong preference for long-term, consistent storylines. It's more fun for me if it's 

something myself and my partner can both sink our teeth into and get some good writing out



- Looking for just about everything right now - friends, rivals, enemies, business associates, 

what-have-you. Bring on whatever you got! Also in the market for an RP-focused FC. I can 

be contacted through discord at Guardless#9265, or in game at Deckard Flynn.



Thanks for reading to the end of my unreasonably-long ad.

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