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Nomadic Hrothgar Antiquarian, seeking adventure, friends and connections

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Hello again everyone! 


Just reaching out to begin looking for some roleplay opportunities for my Hrothgar, a traveling scholar (not the Job, but just the general learned person). Here is a little bit about him, I’ll be working on expanding on this as I roleplay him and things may change some as he grows as a character and interacts with folks. 


Tihomir Jovasch


“Always walk through life as if you have something new to learn and you will. ~Vernon Howard.” 


    || Race: Hrothgar || Clan: The Lost  ||

    ||Gender: Male. || Age: Twenty-eight ||

    || Vocation:  Wandering Antiquarian ||



A Hrothgar of average build and height with an unassuming but comfortable manner. He displays the cultural wanderlost of his clan and travels to discover lore, ancient artifacts and unearthing long lost histories. His family were known as traveling relic hunters of a sort. They had a knack for  uncovering the fascinating and forgotten. Some of these treasures they would sell, others they would return to the owners or more accurately the decedents of the original owners. But there were few that had neen deemed to dangerous to be anyone’s hands, these were protected. Much of his families findings, artifacts and chronicles of their discoveries have been lost when they were forced to flee Garlean occupied territory. Those of his family who have survived have determined it easier and safer to go their separate ways, though they still keep in touch. 




The gentlest of giants, Tihomir attempts to minimize his impact on his surroundings, as if in fear of breaking things and people around him.  This most likely comes from dealing with delicate and fragile items. Persistently good natured, he tries his best to find the silver lining when others spout doom and gloom,  This Hrothgar enjoys laughter. And he’s picked up the rather non Hrothgardian trait of exposing his teeth to express joy. It may take someone a moment to realize he is indeed smiling and not baring his teeth. Though slow to anger, once his ire has been roused, it is white hot sometimes clouding his judgement. 


Strengths : Intelligent, aracanum magics, minor conjuration, enigmatologist, adaptive traveler.

Weakness:  Any martial training, physical confrontation, socially awkward, cake. 




  • Need a magical adapt:  Planning to explore some ancient ruins, or need a translation of some half-forgotten spell or arcanic diagram configured. You might have heard Tihomir could help with this. 
  • Looking for an artifact: Is someone searching for a particularly archaic item, he might be able to help them find it.  Or know someone who can help them find it. 
  • Lore/Story Collector: Maybe Tihomir has asked you to share some interesting stories from your adventures and wants to chronicle them.
  • Traveling/Exploration companion: He shares his clans penchant for traveling, always looking to the horizon and is always willing to share the road with follow travelers.


My Kind of Roleplay

While large groups might be fun now and then, I feel my best roleplay comes in smaller groups. I’m open to joining a RP (IC or OOC) link shell and friend requests for RP. 


  • Story driven, character progression both my character and others - this can include friendships, family (with some ooc set up), romance (organically, slow build up), conflicts physicals or otherwise, enemies, rivals. 
  • Adventure - I love adventure roleplay going out to explore the world of the game preferably centering on discovering mysteries, solving problems, protecting people from magical and ancient threats (or not so magical or ancient) 
  • Casual - While Tihomir is terrible at small talk, it’ll be fun to have him out of his element and interact with someone in a casual environment, such as a drinks at an inn or dancing at a party. 


A few more things:

  • Availability - Weeknights 10pm to 1am MST and Weeknights 10pm until I decide to go to bed. 
  • Roleplay Experience - I've roleplayed for the past 20 years in some capacity or other, from chatrooms/forums to tabletop and MMO's.  My MMO background is LOTRO, SWTOR, GW2, WoW and ESO, I've played other MMO's but these are the ones that I rp'd in the most.
  • Gamplay content: I'd love to find some folks who enjoy roleplay and PVE content - I've never raided (time allowing I'd be willing to learn), but I've always enjoyed dungeons and general questing. I enjoy playing Healers and Tihomir will be leveling as a Scholar and I am interested in Astrologian.



If any of this sounds like you may have a character int rested in meeting or connecting with Tihomir let me know;


Contact me! 

Message via Forum.

Friend me in game

Discord Kitsune#3735


Thanks for reading! Hope to meet up with some you wonderful folks. 


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I'll be sending you a discord request and a link to my character's profile if that's quiet alright. He's also a new scholar type and I sort of like the idea of building up an intellectual community of characters for him and others. I'm also on Diablos, but we don't get much RP cred I've noticed. Discord request will start with River. Hope to hear from you soon! 

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