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Telin Zulin

Just a general question :)

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So I finally bogged down on a character and getting his backstory and such worked out, I did just have a question on leveling my first job. I've heard both arguements and see what you guys think. Should I be doing as many side quests as possible or should I just do my hunting log and MSQ? Me personally I hate having quest markers on my screen but Ive heard if you do all the sidequest you will out level everything by quiet a bit. So I'm just wondering if this is true or should I go ahead and do all the side quest 

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These days, even just mostly doing your MSQ will get you outleveling a lot of content 1-60, especially if you're doing any daily roulettes for experience.


The biggest hurdle I usually see people have is getting their Grand Company rank up as you will have a much higher level/msq completion rate than expected and you may need to grind some FATEs or do Company Levequests to rank it up to a point that you can do provisioning/turn-ins for ease.


If you do all the 2.0/3.0/4.0 side quests, you will definitely outpace things. Not particularly bad if you have later expansion content, but they can also be a nice break from the main story or to give to alt classes/jobs for leveling. The side quests in 5.0 content all level sync, which makes them handy for any use.

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I don't see a problem with outleveling content.  That's not to say there isn't one; maybe there are factors I, as a newish player, am unaware of.


The side quests provide so many lore tidbits that I don't think a roleplayer can afford to skip.  Wading through every form of content and dialogue there is in-game is one of the few ways that exist to learn about how things are on Hydaelyn.  Other ways include reading the two Encyclopedia Eorzea volumes cover to cover and browsing Sounsyy's lore index.

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