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balmung <HW-VN> Heartwood Ventures is recruiting new adventurers

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FC Information:

-- Style: Roleplay & Causal Content 
-- Theme: Adventures, Mercenaries & Merchants
-- RP Intensity: Social & Heavy roleplayers both welcome.
-- Alignment: Chaotic Good
-- Allegiances: Grand companies
-- Seeking: Mecenaries, medical staff, and support staff

-- Timezone: Most events are based in CST (Central)
-- Operations: Plot 16, 3 Ward, The Lavender Beds (Medium)   

Deep in the heart of the Black Shroud, a quiet corner of this city-state have been claimed. Established on August 12th, 2014  in Final Fantasy 14, our FC's mission is to bring you into a story that provides an active and immersive experience, drenched in story & character-driven roleplay and woven into a close-knit community.

We hope to build a FC that exudes the independent but dangerous life of Mercenaries, Adventures and Merchants while building a strong sense of community in and out of character. With our mix of characters & backgrounds, you are sure to find a home among the members Heartwood. Come and join us, if only for a little while. We host 2-4 roleplay & social events per month, along with out of character events such as Maps, Raids & other game content. Our discord channel is always open to allies and FC members alike.

Come, have a few drinks and play a few round of cards. Get to know us in character and out. Browse our lore, and character stories on our FC website.

If you'd like to join, just contact one of the guild's leaders or officers, and we'll get with you to answer any questions you might have, and organize your very own introductory RP with our other FC members! We ask that all new members please submit a site application~https://tinyurl.com/HW-Ventures




What do we offer?

-- Monthly RP events that include that include both Short Term & Long Term events based around, Personal Storylines offered by wide mix of members, social gatherings and public events.
-- Active and welcoming members.
-- A FC that welcomes both new and veteran roleplayers. No matter your class or race, we will do our best to find you a place among us.
-- Frequent roleplay among members in both private and public settings.

-- Small, tight-knight community with OOC events.

-- Active Discord & website.

-- Casual Game Progression & Help for new players: Maps, Raids, Trials, Dungeons, Leveling & Guildhest.

What are we looking for?
-- Quality over Quantity! 
-- Be active. As a FC we are looking for fun and active members that will help build our small community. That being said, real life comes first & we understand if you can’t always attend events. 
-- Take Initiative! No matter the rank, our members are free to plan & start guild events.
-- Basic Lore Knowledge, RP Skills & Spelling/Grammar skills. 
-- The willingness to learn & grow with the FC.

How to join?

-- Contact an Officer. They will be more than happy to answer any questions you might have.
-- Join the discord & submit an application. https://tinyurl.com/HW-Ventures
-- Accept the Free Company & Linkshell invite. 
-- Plan your short IC interview & hiring with the Free Company! 


-- Nyscera Alarone (FC Leader) -- contact in game
-- Elanie Luciole (FC Officer) – contact in game
-- Rath Alarone (FC Officer) -- contact in game
-- Iroh’a Neith (Site Officer) -- Iroh'a#9800

Officer - Alts

-- Bayar Himaa
-- E’yami Ahmun
-- N’everynn Alarone
-- Ujin Moks

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