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new rper New to RP on FF14

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Hello everyone,

My name is Euphemia Corina. I have just finished all of the Main Scenario Quests, and I am looking for a community. I am currently on the Goblin Server so if you're also located there let me know. To give you all a brief synopsis:

-I have played a few other MMORPGs over the years. None of which were as fun as FF14. 
-I have little to no RP experience, but I am willing to learn and can't wait to get started!
-On my quest for a RP FC, I found this space, lucky me. 
-I am aiming to be a medium role-player and with practice heavy soon. 
- I am looking for a bit of help with my character's background, but mostly I am here for friends on and off of my server. So please feel free message me. 





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Good to meet you Euphemia, I'm glad to hear you're having fun with FFXIV! ^.^


Playing through the quests and learning about the lore can be a good way of getting some inspiration for your character's background, personality and other details. Starting off with some very basic ideas and evolving from there can also help make the development process easier. You could also draw inspiration from what your character looks like as well. For example, if your character looks like the one in your signature you could draw up some initial ideas for her personality based on that.


-A cheerful person

-Carefree attitude

-Maybe the petals suggest she's a fan of gardening and has a botanist job?

-She probably enjoys hearing the sound of music



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