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Elezen Attitudes/Interactions


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So from what I've read, Elezens--particularly Wildwoods--are a bit...uppity, I supposed you could say, which seems typical of elves in most lore tbh; but I was wondering just how far that goes, especially between the Wildwood and Duskwight Elezen. They don't like each other much? One thinks they're better than the other? That seems to be what I'm getting from my research; I just wanted to perhaps get some more solid information, as my character is a mixed Elezen and those tensions shaped who she is as a person, so I want to make sure I'm getting that right

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To cut it short, before the founding of Gridania, the races of man living in the Shroud were mostly elezen and hyur, and lived underground in a vast network of connected caves/cities that was called Gelmorra, until the Spoken residents of the Shroud managed to get the Elementals pissed at them enough to ban them out of the forest. Meanwhile, Gelmorrans developped conjury and were taught by the moogles to reach out to the elementals, and finally managed to get acceptance in the place of the Ixal. When this happened, the majority of the population migrated out of the caves of Gelmorra, except a few, for whom it was just unthinkable to leave the city that has been home to them for generations. Those few would become the duskwight elezen, while the others would become the wildwoods, who founded Gridania. 


The Duskwight resented all the others deeply for leaving, because without enough arms it was just impossible to sustain Gelmorra and it started collapsing and turning into disarray and ruins over time. A lot of them started of course to turn to less than savory business to survive and got at odds many times with gridanians. Duskwights are often seen as barely better than scum by some of the most bigoted wildwoods now.


If you're interested into more, you can try doing the lancer questline for example. Or read this.

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