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Gosh Dang Letters

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So Im new to the whole RP thing in FF14, but I have always wanted to give it a try, so I world visited Balmung. I noticed all these letters by everyone search comment as in; Fu/Wu/c etc. And i couldnt find anything online to tell me what they mean, and when i asked people what it meant they were all really rude, so I was hoping someone would be able to explain it for me on here, or even provide a link to a guide that has all of this spelled out for me?

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I think Wu generally means walk-ups welcome, meaning you can approach someone for RP, emote and they’ll (probably) respond. I’ve also seen t or /t (or w and /w) which means the person is welcoming to tells/whispers. I have no idea about the others though. I’ve only ever seen people use such short abbreviations in this game, and its probably just because of the terrible character limit SE set for that section.


Kind of silly that people were rude about it when you asked though. 🙄 

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I'd say for the most part, people are pretty chill and rather friendly. I hope you don't run into more like the initial experience. Especially when people use a TON of in-game terms and other MMO speak that someone may not have seen before whether new to FFXIV, MMO RP, RP in general, etc.


If you happen to still be getting acquainted with FFXIV in general, https://ffxiv.gamerescape.com/wiki/Dictionary_of_Terms_and_Slang may be helpful as I know there are certain terms and slang that tend to be used in FFXI/FFXIV that are different from the ones that someone may have encountered in say, WoW. 


Otherwise, more of the MMO-ish ones can be tricky because some are up for interpretation. I'd definitely recommend asking about any specifics you encounter and hopefully someone here can help answer or shed some light if the person using that term isn't as friendly.


For the most part, I usually only see people with these:

RP - common RP designator
ERP - erotic/sexual roleplay. Some may look down on it, but it's both more common than people say, but way less common than rumors about RP/Balmung would have you believe.

MRP - Mature RP. This is one of those tricky ones as it's "mature themes" but that's up to interpretation. It could mean general 18+ stuff, ERP, or other forms of explicit material like extreme violence. It's best to just ask the other person what they mean by it to get an idea.

DRP - "Dark" RP. See MRP as I've personally found these to be interchangeable.
WU - Walk ups. I don't usually see people using this unless they're trying to squeeze more information in the limited search info box.
/tell - FFXIV's version of a private message.
IC/OOC - in-character/out-of-character
PVE - this person also plays the game for content/raiding
ILVL - item level. End game term to give people an idea of how good your equipment is

CRP - (in the RP sense) I have no idea. One of my friends has this, but I haven't asked.

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