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Lothaire Valenfort

[Zalera/Crystal] Traveling Ishgardian Goldsmith looking for RP connections

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I’m trying to get back into roleplay a bit more and I’m looking to make some connections for my main character. I play in the EST timezone, mostly in the evenings, though I would be happy to do Discord RP if matching time zones with people is an issue. 


In brief, Lothaire Valenfort is a traveling craftsman who specializes in goldsmithing with a little woodwork here and there. Previously hailing from Ishgard he’s been living the life of an itinerant traveler in Eorzea since before the Calamity. He tends to be on the move a lot so he could feasibly pop up anywhere I need him to (within reason) or perhaps could be found at his house in the Mists. 


I have a character sheet for Lothaire here with a bit more information for anyone who would like to know more (it’s still a little work-in-progress so I may add minor bits to it now and then). If anyone happens to be interested in interacting with a craft/trade based character, I’d love to RP with you. I can be found in-game on Lothaire Valenfort (Zalera), via Discord (Valtiere #9845) or here on the forums.


What I’m looking for: 


  • Both short and long term RP opportunities (though long term is preferable)
  • Discord or google docs RP (available anytime)
  • In-game RP (available between 11am-2pm and/or 9pm to midnight EST)
  • Plot heavy RP
  • Casual/slice-of-life RP
  • People to attend events with (it’s more fun with others)


Potential connections I would love to find:


  • Friends
  • Traveling companions
  • Customers interested in commissioning him as a crafter
  • Other crafter/gatherer connections
  • Past connections
  • Rivals/enemies/antagonistic RP


A little about me:


  • I am a paragraph writer but I will usually try to match whoever I’m rping with in terms of post length. 
  • I prefer discord and/or google docs over in-game RP mainly due to time constraints, but I can do either.
  • I play on Zalera but am happy to visit other servers to join people.
  • I won’t participate in erp at all. Romantic/love-interest RP is acceptable but only if it makes sense within an interaction and not as a primary motivator.


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I’ve made a couple of minor changes and additions to his profile and updated it to a carrd instead of using refsheet. 

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