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mateus In’yō <IY-RP>

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FC Name: In’yō  
Tag: <IY-RP>
Leader: Miyuki Amamura

Officers: Daaric Kusumai
FC House/Apartment Address: Shirogane - Ward 14, Plot 59
Type of FC: Medium-Heavy RP, PVE
Active Time: Varied (Average: 7 PM EST onward.)
Alignment: The Sanctuary is Neutral. It's inhabitants vary.
Restrictions: 18+

Recruitment:  Open

Nestled in the hills of Shirogane is a healing retreat. What once was an abandoned temple dedicated to the Kami is now a soothing private oasis know as the Sanctuary. 
The Sanctuary provides all manner of services; ranging from the healing arts , both Eorzean and Far Eastern methods, to personalized relaxation treatments such as Hot Stone Massage.

In-yō refers to the people who live and work at the Sanctuary.  Comprised of all walks of life, you will find a melting pot of people, all coming together in support of one another and the world around them.




The Yin
The Sanctuary offers a variety of services for physical, mental and spiritual health for short term and long term stays. From the spa which features the special hot spring's water for soaking to massage therapy. Healers offer traditional remedies like acupuncture along with new technologies and therapies.


The Sanctuary is looking for staff at the present. Are you an exceptionally skilled healer? Award winning chef? Experienced handyman? We have numerous positions to be filled. Everything from accounting, security to housekeeping is needed. No experience necessary in some positions. Seek out a Caretaker for details.

The Yang

Once in a while, among the residents and staff, someone is chosen by the Yūrei and taken down a path leading them on to dangerous adventures. Honing their skills to preserve the world's balance, even if it means they must bloody their hands to do so.




OOC Background:

New FC looking for members not afraid of helping a FC grow by being active and contributing. 

In’yō is comprised of the staff, residents and guests that live and work at the Sanctuary. A variety of events are always in the planning stages.

Events like server events where the retreat is open to the public to private DM'd events for the Yūrei.

The FC is neutral grounds.
Your character can be any alignment.
They can join the FC as staff or resident.
Your character does not have to be suffering from some sort of malady in order to apply.
Your character does not need to be Far Eastern.
They could simply be looking for a safe haven or new residence.

Joining the Yūrei does requires RP to join. It is not a position that can be taken on as soon as joining the FC. 

Please visit our webpage for more details, review of our FC expectations and more.  


Click here to view website.

Feel free to reach out to us in game, Discord or here through PM.

In-game contacts ;  Miyuki Amamura,  Daaric Kusumai, Amarisa Chanteuse

Discord:   https://discord.gg/QRXCeBh



This information is subject to change. All typos are made by me. They are mine.



Edited by Dweek

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The Yūrei
To all things, there must be a balance.

Many ways preach that tranquility and peace is the key to a happy life.
To cast aside one's passions and carnal desires is the key to peace and eternal happiness.
Yet that is so far from what makes life worth living.

To succumb to the flames of passions is to burn bright and swift.
Yet to cast them away completely is to live a life without warmth.
One must find the balance, between desire and control.
The fine line between indulgence and abstinence.
In this balance, lies perfection.


The Yūrei are the 'ghosts' of the Sanctuary. The ones who watch from the shadows and ensure that peace is kept. They train in secret, honing their skills in the dark to keep the world in balance, even going so far as to step out into the world in order to cut away the corruption and bring the world back to harmony--by any means necessary.

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