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New to FFXIV RP specifically, looking for friends in Primal

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Heya, I've been playing FFXIV for a little over a year now as my first MMORPG (that I don't just play like a single player game) and been rping in total for a solid five years now. 

I've been meaning to get into FFXIV RP but never knew how until I got so desperate for RPer friends that I just started googling things until I landed here. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


I got into the game through my SO who isn't really an RPer and we've been hopping servers and DCs so much that I really haven't been able to make any friends, especially none to RP with. Part of the problem is, as the title says I'm staying in Primal for good (Behemoth, specifically), so I'm not gonna expect too much in terms of quantity, and since I'm pretty much fresh to it I'm not sure what I wanna do in terms of quantity either, but I'm usually down for a lot of rp. Even tho work from home timezones (AEST) usually make things a bit difficult. 

In terms of character I have a mercenary and scion with an attitude and anger management issues and a lot more, but I don't want to make this post super long, so I'll tell anyone who wants to know in private. :D

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Welcome to the FFXIV RP community, Green! o/ 


A mercenary makes for a very flexible character indeed, lots of potential for moral drama as well! Without saying too much I like the idea of a Scion with anger management issues given all that they've been through. 

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HIya! I'm also somewhat new to FFXIV RP but I'm mostly off and on RPer on forumns or sometimes in game. I"m based on Behemoth with a Hyperion "character" (both characters are the same but my main has a joke name and I do content with that one primarily). I'm also AEST Timezone 
More of my character is here if you wish to have a look, im still fleshing him out but I have a rough idea of him at the moment https://aizenaura.carrd.co/
Hopefully this message isn't too late and you're still interested :)

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