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Candy Ghouls

[ Crystal ] (Updated) Viera LF RPs and Romance

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Name: Ghoul
Server: Malboro (Crystal)
Timezone: Central

Looking For: Long term or casual RPs in-game and on discord
Type of RPs: Romantic, Platonic, Adventures, Enemies, 18+, etc
Available Hours: Whenever, usually

Discord: G H ♡ U L !#1313

Character: Lady Lachelle ( Caard )

So I recently changed my main character in-game to a Viera and thus have created a new character around her. So I am looking for RPs to get her up and going! She is still a bit in the works so I'm pretty flexible on ideas for plots with her. Also you don't have to be on Malboro for us to RP! If you are on the Crystal data center I can hop over to whichever server for in-game rps!

A small note for in-game though: I have not changed her name yet from my old character's. I am waiting for next paycheck before I do that. So for now her name is not Lachelle in-game;;;;

She also uses mods to achieve her appearance so if you want to see her this way in-game I will have to link you her mods to download. Most just her hair tbh.





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The Pink Pillow B&B, owned and ran by Lachelle, is now open to guest in-game!
You can visit it at Plot 54, 4th Ward, Mist on Malboro, Crystal.

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