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Sheep Shifter

[Mateus] Qoto Zhisri

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I. Basic Info

    Characters: Qoto Zhisri
    Primary character: Qoto Zhisri
    Linkshells: The League
    Primary RP linkshell: The League


II. RP Style

    Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): Anywhere from medium to heavy.  The amount depends on workload and other factors, usually not bad to ask.


    Views on RP combat and injuries: Combat and injuries are good character building and allow for some interesting development as your character deals with those situations.  Normally, I think the severity of injuries should be left to the player as long as it's within reason.


    Views on IC romance: The only thing I have to say about romance is that somebody has already filled that slot for me, so if you wanna try with one of my characters you're welcome to give it a go.  Just be warned, it's going to fail.


    Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc): I have never had the opportunity to rp anything like this, which is crazy given how many years I have been role-playing.  It sounds like fun and I'm always happy to give new stuff a try.


    Views on lore: I try to remain as close to lore as possible.  I think stuff specifically there as game mechanics isn't as lore abiding as it is a system to regulate gameplay and isn't necessarily a rule set in stone.  Some things make sense as rules and others only work in the scope of this being a video game.


    Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc): Say and Linkshell are generally IC.  Events I've done in other games establish if chats like party are IC or OOC.  I usually defer to the group or other person outside of the usual IC chats.


III. Other Info

    Country: US
    Timezone: EST-5
    Contact info: In game is just my character
Discord is Sheepshifter#0602
Contacting me here, through DMs is fine as well.

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Name update, linkshell update

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