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What type of lore restrictions do you have in your FC?


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I'm not certain what you mean by restricted lore. Do you mean lore that is just not allowed? As in even though lore says "xyz is possible", the FC just says nope to it?


Either way, I'd say most FCs generally fall into 3 groups.


1. Those that claim to be lore strict. These FCs tend to follow every bit of lore possible that is found in game, in the encyclopedias, and out of game sources such as interviews and the like. Some variances may only use in game sources and one of or neither of the other two. Either way, they stick to the lore as best they can and only dabble in grey areas as necessary to advance plots and the like.


2. Those that acknowledge the lore to some degree, but don't mind bending/breaking it so long as it remains remotely plausible or results in "good RP" (quoted only because good is a very subjective term). The degree to which they stick to the lore varies wildly and, as such, this group tends to be bigger (as in more FCs) than the other two.


3. Those that have little to no regard for the lore. Not much to say here, these groups don't care about the lore and just want to RP in the setting. I'd say these are fairly rare as it's somewhat difficult to completely ignore the game in which you're playing in (or so I feel).


Otherwise, I don't really think there is a compiled list out there somewhere that says what lore is or is not accepted... other than the rules and policies found in each individual FC's sites and the like.



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