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Former Party Kitty looking for friends, adventurers and possible romance.

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Hello!  Mimiko or "Mimi" as everyone else calls her is an ex party girl trying to transition into adulthood somewhat. She's looking for more friends, people to laugh with, adventure with and a possible romantic interest.  Mimi has had a enough of the party life for the most part and is looking to settle down and enjoy a more honest and innocent lifestyle. She still has quite a bit of growing up to do, and is looking for people who could be a good role model. Any inquiries can be sent through here, i believe I have it set up to alert me when I get responses and such. 


Thank you!


Oh! I forgot to add..

Im usually on around 7pm - 10:30pm Est. Most days. Depending if I can get my lil one to bed and to stay in bed. Four year olds, what can you do lol.  

Most things about Mimi can be found out through normal rp, but she has a fear of elzen so a random approach might end in a Mimi running and screaming in fear. ><  

And Mimi is not the biggest fan of the "Bun Buns" as she currently calls them. More of a jealousy towards them rather that a hatred.  

I also have a RPC wiki that really needs a update, but there is still some useful information there.

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