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An experienced player looking to start rping!

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Hello all! I've been playing FFXIV for about 2 years now and i'm beginning to tip my toe into the pool of RPing. RP has been on my radar for a while now and I took the intiative to make my first OC!  I didn't exactly pay attention to naming conventions for Highlanders, but on to my introduction!



      RPG wise, I've pretty much grown up playing the Final Fantasy and Star Ocean rpg series. The first MMORPG that I played was Maplestory and played the game for about 4 years or so? I initally picked up FFXIV during their HW expansion and I didn't find it appealing at first glance. But I gave it another try years later when Stormblood launched and I absolutely love it now. FFXIV has pretty much taken over a part of my life and so far , i've played for two years now.


      I don't really have any RP experience per say. The most I've done so far is performing songs in public for other players. I've attended a few RP events on Primal in the past and they were fun for the most part ^.^. I'm looking to learn more about RP and its nature.

Character Info:

     As mentioned earlier, I named my character not entirely accurate to how Highlanders are named in the game. His name is Kairen Tsui. I got them name from looking at some of Cardfight Vanguard posters and decided to combine two names. Tsui comes from the last name of my favorite American artist, Sam Tsui. It does sound nice, but I will probably need to adjust the name in the future for RP heavy events. I spent a week or two developing a background for my OC. About Kairen Tsui

How did I learn about the Coalition:

     I am friends with a few RPers on Twitter and one of them recommend RPC for RP events and I just had to check it out!

What kind of RPer am I aiming to be:

     For now, I am aiming to be a light RPer. Maybe as I gain more experience, I'll reach medium RPer

Additional Info:

     My main is on : Ultros (primal), but I do have alts on Sargantas (Aether) and Bryhindlr ( Crystal)

     I am a college student; so my schedule tends to change daily if not weekly depending on homework or tests, but will try my best to fit in some FFXIV and RP! Also do work out often at night.


I think thats all I have to introduce about myself. Thank you for having me and I'm looking forward to meeting y'all!

~Kairen Tsui

P.S: If you want to contact me , here's my twitter!




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Welcome to the RPC! :)


I wouldn't worry too much about your character not having a proper Highlander name. It's still a name perfectly suitable for RP, so you could always come up for a reason for him to have changed his name to one outside of Highlander conventions. ;)

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Welcome! :D

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