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New to FF14 RP! But not new to RPing...

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Hello there everyone! I'm not the greatest at these introductions, so I will be using the template to help me out!


MMORPG Background

Oh boy, where do I start? I've been playing MMOs for as long as I can remember, from WoW vanilla, Runescape, Mabinogi, to Black Desert Online and FF14. I flip flopped a lot but the three I have always returned to were WoW, Mabinogi, and FF14. I have been playing FF14 on and off since 2013 but I have delved pretty heavily into it in the past two years. Once in a while I will bounce back to WoW, but currently FF14 is the only MMO I play. I have rushed through the story of FF14 so that I could catch up with all the MSQs so I do have to look up quite a bit of the lore here and there (a lot of it has become kind of a blur).


RP experience

My RP experience is just as long! I have been RPing since aboooout 2003, mainly forum based, dating all the way back to those Neopets days, then switching to Gaia Online, and then moving to chat based RPs and not as much forum based. I did a little bit of MMO RPing in Mabinogi, but I have never tried FF14 RP. So I am quite familiar with RPing you can say!


Character ideas/info

So I play a female Xaela Au Ra Summoner, I didn't exactly think too hard about RPing when I picked her name so unfortunately her name isn't a typical Au Ra name. Her name is Poi Zen (as you can see it typically goes with my own username as Poi has been a long term OC of mine). I have considered changing her name but I'm honestly still a bit unsure and I fear this may cause people not wanting to RP, which I can understand. I also don't like revealing too much of a characters backstory, I like to keep some things mysterious, but I am willing to share a little bit and some of her personality!

  • Poi was recently betrayed by someone very dear to her. She also chose her summoning job very late (instead of choosing at level 30 she ended up choosing closer to level 50), and Poi is not from Othard, she was born in Eorzea. Right now she is currently traveling a lone and just focused on getting through one day at a time finding work to wherever she can, she's having a bit of a hard time finding her place.
  • Her personality is a bit reserved and therefore comes off as standoffish, but once you get to know her she shows that she has a pretty good sense of humor and can be a bit sassy at times. Poi has a bit of a problem speaking up for herself but never for the ones she cares about. Due to her past experiences she has a hard time building trust in others.


How did you learn about the coalition?

I honestly just googled "FF14 roleplayers"


What kind of a role-player are you aiming to be?

Medium to heavy!


Anything from real like you're comfortable with sharing?

I have a full time job but I am free on most (if not every night) and weekends, I'm also a cosplayer and I do creative streams on Twitch!


I haven't been able to find a solid RP community in a while and I really miss it, I hope my character interests some of you and if you would like to learn more please feel free to message this thread or message me directly! Thanks for reading!

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