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Vixxen's RP Boys

mateus UPDATE! LF LT RP Partner! (Au ra to go with my miqo'te?)

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Dropping some screens of my catboi I'm reviving/re-writing.

Vadi'a Voxhumi

He will be around 19/20 years old
around 4ft7in (140cm) in height
Any romance would be male X male
will wield summoning magics, focused on fire element type beings
is a total clutz, timid and stutters a lot
is a prodigy in reading, writing, deciphering and otherwise studying/discovering/translating ancient Nhymian texts
and a prodigy when it comes to languages
--due to his line of echo, he just tends to be able to learn languages REALLY quickly....he also has a huge aether pool...tha's pretty much it for his echo though
NO he is NOT a WoL/WoD
YES I am open to plots involving travel to the first and back (c'mon those places are too beautiful NOT to RP in)

He is single, and homosexual
I'm open to dark/mature/erotic/gore/hardcore/slice of life/adventure/ALL themes
I do hope to write with someone who can provide a paragraph style. at least 3 lines per post if not more, to better match my own pace.

He is level 70 SCH atm and I'll level DNC through ShB (third time completing ShB, will take me some time)




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My response on your other character post also applies to this character :) Good lads!

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