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[Balmung/Crystal] Murderous Artist for Muses and Cohorts

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Seeking a villain who critiques your fashion choices? Perhaps a friendly artist whose just a *touch* too sweet and kind? If so, Jolene, my Dr Jekyll. / Mr. Hyde fashion designer is open for new contacts, plot driven rp, long and short term story arcs and new friendships. Morally gray/dark rp particularly encouraged! 


Hooks are located in her carrd: ketenwyb.carrd.co


Any hook is up for grabs and can be modified to suit, as well as hooks that are not on her carrd. 

I'm currently interested in starting a hook that requires a Doctor or Alchemist with less than stellar ethics and morals.

I'm open for in game and discord rp! I can be reached at Inisian #1696 




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