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Hrothgar character design

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Hullo! I'm pretty new to the FFXIV RP scene and have been trying to find how-to guides on stuff. There are a lot of lore resources, but little/few/zero step-by-step 'things you should consider' guides for different races.


It has also been a little difficult to find in game representation of what I'm looking for, since FFXIV has massive amounts of story quests and it's. Uh. Taking me a bit to get to the Shadowbringer content, as I'm told that's where all the Hrothgar NPCs are.


I have the personality I want to roleplay down, as well as several key traits.


What I've been struggling with is...well, the how. It's been kind of difficult to find out what your 'average' Hrothgar is like - and then use that to create what the 'slightly above average Hrothgar' (as PCs tend to be) character would look like.


For example. In ESO, you're the vestige - and it's understood that this is definitely not your average roleplay character, In GW2 on the other hand, the personal story is an excellent example of potential backgrounds and takes you through plausible scenarios of common <x> race. However, once it gets to 'pact commander' type stuff, it's very clear this is just one person in the entire world and you're just there, as the player, for narrative purposes. In FFXIV's story, it seems like I'm quickly sucked into scenarios not generally feasible for your average player character? Mostly, kinda sorta? It's honestly really hard to tell.


And, honestly, the story can be a bit of a slog. I'm in Ishgard right now. Hnnnng.


Lastly, even the classes seem a bit...far, far above the 'norm' - Paladins are (IIRC?) a select group of protectors for some super special palace. When I tried to look into DK, I got a 'nobody really knows'. 


I even dug a bit and haven't managed to find a Hrothgar character profile from another play - not that I've looked too terribly hard, but I'm scrolling through Crystal RP's discord and no Hrothgar in the 'LFRP' section. Didn't see any Hrothgar-ish names from a quick glance over at the profiles section of this forum, either.


Anyway, yep. Finding Hrothgar-specific stuff has been iffy. I may have missed some stuff, but I'd appreciate any links/advice people are willing to offer!

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We don't have a lot of Hrotgar culture on the Source/Eorzea. We mostly know about their background with the lore bits we have and the gunbreaker quests... But their culture and their quirks are hard to tell. The only hrotgar we have (the GNB NPC) is like any other human really. 


There is indeed quite a lot of Hrotgars (Ronsos) in the First, in ShB areas and quests, but like most races in ShB they don't all have clear cultural/tribal backgrounds like in the Source. The population in the First has been mixed up quite a lot together and roots are less showing. Individuals mostly lost their tribal backgrounds and only associate with their city state or regional history.


FF14 story is all about THE Warrior of Light, a rather unique entity/character able to do impossible feats and saving the day for everyone. And the WoL gets more and more unique and special the more we progress the story and learn about them. This is definitely not of the realm of your average adventurer, and even less of the realm of your average joe. Keep in mind that adventurers are still rather powerful, enduring characters with a lot of aether to bring to the fold. 


And yes most jobs are a way more restrictive and folklore based version of classes. A class is already a lore restriction in itself, like for example Gladiator refers specifically to the gladiators fighting in the Blood Sands pits of Ul'dah. Your character can perfectly be a fighter using a sword and a shield and not be technically, a "gladiator". Jobs are generally arts lost in times and legend and that have various more or less restrictive power and/or access requirements lore wise. Ultimately it all depends on the power level of roleplay you're aiming for, really. 

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