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Vixxen's RP Boys

discord + in game rp Soft Raen Interest?

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I'm sort of putting a feel out for interest in this OC.

He will be Raen, around 6ft 5in(195cm), as short as the in game model allows. Have a chonky long tail, and be rather soft spoken. 
This doesn't mean he will be weak, per say, just that he will be focusing on other things rather than fighting. 
He is planned to be pan-sexual with a male lean, undecided on monogamous or not, undecided on multi ship or not. (basically leave this up to whomever becomes his rp partner - what they are comfortable with)
Planning on a more romance based RP plot perhaps ather than fighting or battle, not that these themes can't be interwoven into the RP just I'm tired of ERP & Battle focused RP. I'd really like to develop and write with someone and flow from theme to theme and have some substance to the RP rather than just ERP and fighting. I also am interested more in paragraph form and long term RP, mixing discord and in game interactions/meet ups equally as much as possible.
I am good to write with EU people as my availability is fully open. 
I'm still developing him and haven't decided where to put him, datacenter wise, but want to see if anyone would be interested in such a character.
Following are character creation shots of my soft raen boy.
Please poke me here or on my discord -> Evil_Vixxen#0693




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Hiya! I hope it's not too late to express my interest in this very good boy? 


It seems like we're both looking for something similar in an RP partner too. I'm looking for someone I can do a long term RP with in paragraph style with a focus on relationship rather than on strictly ERP or fighting RP although I'm quite flexible depending on the characters and situation. 


I have a brand new boy I can offer you. He's still in development as I'm very new to the game (started two weeks ago actually!). Here's his profile so far: https://supernova-ffxiv.tumblr.com/post/190749164069/lfrp-yuma-yokai


Let me know if Yuma interests your soft boy :D 

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Heya!  Your character seems quite lovely, I would be interested if you are still. 

My char is a xaela aura man, middle range height. I am based on Primal, however if you dont mind paragraph every so often RPs on discord or on a closed Forum i would be down! And ofc ooc included. 

If you are particular in wanting a response in consecutive time frame, I'm prob not your man. I am somewhat off and on depending on my schedule, but I'm always happy to reply whenever i get the chance with OOC thrown in!


Would love to do some build up romance or adventure with a bit of connection building or something of the sort :3 

Character: https://wiki.ffxiv-roleplayers.com/pages/Aizen_Fimbulvetre
Discord: Swain#0626

Dont worry too much on my characters history, I'm still kinda getting a feel for him.

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