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Returning player, starting roleplaying

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Hello all!
I'm a returning player - although I barely got any further than the Realm Reborn story - and was hoping to start roleplaying.
Previously I was majorly into The Secret World and WoW for their roleplay - both of which either stopped being viable or changed so heavily I couldn't continue RPing.

Hopefully I can meet up with ya'll sometime.
I'm a Vera (just changed from Miq) Paladin atm on Mateus.
Only thing I really know is - much like myself - my gal was previously a male. Hopefully that's not a problem for folken - unless it's not lore friendly, I'm still learning.

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I think there's plenty of characters in the same boat with their gender,  though how vocal we are is another thing entirely.  Pleasure to meet you and welcome back!

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Welcome back to FFXIV! \o/


I envy you for making a go of RPing in The Secret World, I never quite made the plunge with the game in general. But even I could see that the mood building, awesome atmosphere, build variety and unique MMO setting really help the game stand out.   

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