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[Balmung] Honorable Raen Swordsman looking for friends and more

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The Basics ––– ☆


Age: 29

Birthday: 30th Sun of the 6th Umbral Moon

Race: Raen Au Ra

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Bisexual

Marital Status: Single

Server: Balmung


Physical Appearance ––– ☆ 


Hair: Long and flowing. Blue-gray fading out to white at the tips.

Eyes: Baby blue with bright limbal rings

Height: 7′1″

Build: A fighter’s build with an emphasis on strong thighs and core. Otherwise lean. 

Distinguishing Marks: A strong nose and quizzical brow.

Common Accessories: His katana, jade earring, and unshakable sense of duty and honor.


Personal ––– ☆ 


Profession: Wanderer/adventurer, Sword for hire, is also a skilled weaver by way of his upbringing.

Hobbies:  Meditation, training with his blade, reading, going with the flow

Languages:  Common Eorzean, Modern Hingan

Residence: Wherever the winding path leads. He doesn’t call any one place home. At least, not yet…

Birthplace: Kugane

Religion: None

Fears: Losing his freedom, being otherwise caged or trapped


Relationships ––– ☆ 


Spouse: None

Children: None

Parents: Unknown father (is told that he was high ranking but is otherwise in the dark about this), Narumi Yokai (mother)

Siblings: He was an only child

Other Relatives: Other than his aunts and their children, his family circle is very small.

Pets: None currently


Traits ––– ☆ 


Extroverted / In Between / Introverted

Disorganized / In Between / Organized

Close Minded / In Between / Open Minded

Calm / In Between / Anxious

Disagreeable / In Between / Agreeable

Cautious / In Between / Reckless

Patient / In Between /  Impatient

Outspoken / In Between / Reserved

Leader / In Between / Follower

Empathetic / In Between / Apathetic

Optimistic / In Between / Pessimistic

Traditional / In Between / Modern

Hard-working / In Between / Lazy

Cultured / In Between / Uncultured

Loyal / In Between / Disloyal

Faithful / In Between / Unfaithful


Additional information ––– ☆ 


Smoking Habit: Occasionally
Drugs: Never
Alcohol: Occasionally, but always in moderation like most things in his life




  • Yuma is my first character on Balmung and he is still a blank canvas in most regards. He is open to relationships if there’s good chemistry! I’d like to figure out more about his background (family, friends, master who trained him as a samurai, etc.) so if you’d like to go on that adventure with me too, by all means!
  • A long term RP partner, ideally one who’s experienced and can show me the ropes! Let’s see if we click!
  • Plot-based
  • In game or Discord RP. I’m flexible.




Available Hours: 10AM-11PM PST


While I’ve had a total of two writing partners in the past, I’m very new to the world of RP. In fact, this will be my first time opening my doors to the public, so to speak. I’m hoping to make some friends along the way~

My writing style is usually full paragraph, but I can cut this down if need be. I’m open to groups of up to 3 to start with. 

I’m a mature player, and if the situation–ahem– escalates, I can ERP.


Contact Information  ––– ☆ 


I’m Yuma Yokai on Balmung. Feel free to hit me up. I’m available to visit other servers as well. 


My discord handle is Morgan#6358.


Thanks for reading~!





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If you'd be willing, I wouldn't mind RPing over discord paragraph style as my character is on Primal - Hyperion. 
I would be off and on if this works for you, at the least one reply every 2 days or consistent replies depending my schedule. If it was to be in game that timeframe would lessen, unfortunately.
If you're interested I'd love to hear back!

Here's my character: https://wiki.ffxiv-roleplayers.com/pages/Aizen_Fimbulvetre

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