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mateus Clan Widjigo «WClan» : Traditional Keeper of the Moon clan now recruiting.

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Clan Widjigo is a deeply traditional Keeper Clan branching away from their previous clan; Nswala. They have roots set in the deep East Shroud near the Sylphlands where Shroudgloom hangs heavy. They are a very old clan, however, they are currently being born anew under a new head; Matron Nhym Nswala. They are all trying to find their way in the modern whilst remaining true to traditions and lifestyles as well as adapting to new traditions set upon them by their ancestors, the Cannibalistic warmongers; Widjigo. It’s all ironic really given the clan’s now vegetarian diet and previously pacifistic ways. Somehow, they’re making it work


OOC Information:
We’re a rather small, close knit group of like minded individuals just looking to have fun! We would love to see some new faces among our ranks, and seek to create stories and memories with our members. If you want a laid back group of traditional Keeper of the Moon RPers to hang with, we’re a good option to consider! Generally, we’re active around 6PM PST and onwards. We’ve got a lot of night owls and EU/AU players.

We do not tolerate OOC drama nor do we tolerate OOC bleeding into IC. We also understand that people have lives, and so we only ask that you log in once or twice a week if possible.

We regularly host RP nights on Fridays at around 7PM PST, and have random/encourage misc RP scenes throughout the week as well!

While we are mateus based, we also take recruits from other servers on crystal datacentre. Currently, we’re seeking keepers of the moon to join our clan but guests of other races are welcome to live amongst the Widjigo Clan as guests. 


For more information, our FC webpage can be found here or contact our FC leads on discord at Nhym Nswala (Aio#1263) or Mik'a Nswala (kosmic#1837)

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