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[Aether][Sargatans] Former Knight of Ishgard, now Bodyguard

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Hello there!


I have a few rps going on, but of course I need just a few more. I can do it over discord or in game, does not bother me either way. I am in the EST time zone.


Radoria Eldean was once a noble knight of Ishgard. He served during the Dragonsong War but was discharged after it, siting dishonorable conduct. During the war, a dragon had made for a group of orphan children, and Radoria chose to defend the children instead of protecting a very high ranking noble. The noble was in no immediate danger, and had the strength to evade the beast, and even ordered Radoria to assest him. He chose the children and used his body to protect them from hungry dragons. His left shoulder was grievously wounded and to this day has not fully healed. The spiteful noble whispered into the right ear and got him discharged dishonorably from the knights. Now, living in Limsa Lominsa as a bodyguard, Radoria tries to adjust to his new life, but often finds himself slipping into the role of a knight from time to time. 


Hope you enjoyed that brief summary of my knight! I am always open to discuss hooks and other ideas you may have. I tend to love many cliches and am a big romantic at heart. If this sounds interesting to you, message me here, or on Discord Radoria1296#5630


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