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So I was chatting with my FC about the First and the topic came up how cool it would be to rp in those areas, and we had a discussion about the plausibility of getting to go there. Someone brought up an interesting premise that I wanted to get some opinions on. So, to state the basic idea, the first is explained as a reflection that was splintered off from the world first. However, it is not the only reflection we interact with regularly in lore- The Void is revealed to be the last of the splintered reflections and was consumed by darkness. And beings from that world do come over with regularity that is frequent enough to pose a problem. Now, the idea is that with enough aether, a hole is punched through one reality to the void, and a being comes through with varying levels of power depending on the size of the hole. The magic required is forbidden and the aether needed would be taxing, but not unreasonable. The idea presented was- if they can make a hole to one of the reflection worlds, couldn’t the same method be applied to open a hole to a different one? The logic seems sound, so I was curious about what others thought.

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Going to put here the response I gave to another thread that popped up here around a week ago asking about travel to/from the first. Please pardon any formatting issues as I am posting from my phone that doesnt get along well with this site.



Plainly put, there isn't a lore backed way to travel to or from the First to the Source, or vice versa. Currently, only those of immense power (namely WoL and Ascians) are able to do so. 


Beyond that, it takes a lot of lore bending/breaking to make it happen. And, in so doing, in my opinion, trivializes the struggles of the WoL, Exarch, and Scions to return them all to the source and the like since, after all, if any Joe Schmoe can do it... why can't all of these learned, powerful people get it right?


Without meaning to sound an ass, if you're really wanting to be able to go one way or the other, currently, it's going to take bending/breaking of the lore. And, if you're willing to take that first step of bending/breaking it, does it really matter how you do it?


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The point wasn’t to ask if it was currently possible in lore, but to speculate on the possibility. Discuss the “what ifs” within the lore and spark a discussion. Anyone can just read the lore and say “this is what it says” but that sparks nobody’s curiosity to look deeper and theorize around that lore. But thanks for clarifying the established facts.

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It's either backed by lore or it's not. If it's not, which is the case for inter-shard travel outside of those few cases I mentioned, then any "possibility" discussed beyond that point is up to the individual RPer and their circle as to how they want to handle it.


The lore, currently, says it's not possible. And my speculation was there. If it were possible, whether established in the lore or not, one would think that the group of heroes would have done it already to send the Scions back and/or to bring reinforcements over from the Source. They haven't and are still struggling to find a way to send all of them back.


Which brings me to the point I made at the end. Since it's not possible, as backed by current lore, does it really matter how one goes about doing it if you're already bending/breaking the lore? Whether you do it through immense amounts of aether, some robotic teleportation, or Harry Potter coming from Heaven and waving his wand... does it matter?

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I'm confused on what there is to theorize if you aren't talking within the boundaries of the lore. Discussion on if it's possible? I mean, sure if you want it to be, but like Dacien said are we speaking about pulling in other methods from different games? 

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Related, but in a different manner than you intended responses to be, since others here have basically said my thoughts on it already too.

What is it you like about the First that makes you want to RP in it? Is it the setting itself? Or do the areas just look like a nice place for your characters to interact in with others? Because if it's the latter, you can for sure do that without having to justify portals to the First. My character Lihya is a Blue Mage, and regularly takes on students. Sometimes a spell her students get interested in is something from the New World. I've had to use areas in the past that we could pretend were in the New World since there's no way to actually get to that area that our characters would realistically be able to go to. The Source has deserts like Ahm Arang, jungles like Raktika, and so on. So depending on why your interest is there, it can totally make sense to still RP in these places.

If you're more interested in aspects of the First that are 100% not applicable to The Source (Dealing with Sin Eaters, the politics in Eulmore presently, things like that), then I think the answers above are fitting. Perhaps later on in the story an easier method to travel between the two places will be discovered by the Scions after all their hard work.

All of that being said, nothing at all stops you from imagining some method of travel between you and consenting RP partners regardless. If you have a group of people, and everyone is into the idea, bending lore a little bit for the sake of everyone's enjoyment can be okay, too. It just depends on your audience.

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3 minutes ago, Tammy said:

Oof. My friends were right about this place. Thanks for the feedback.

I can only assume you mean this as someone here was being particularly negative and/or cross. I don't, personally, read any of the responses as such and I am sorry if any of them came off in such a manner. 

Either way, I feel your question was answered at least twice. Perhaps they were not the answer(s) you were looking for. You asked an opinion and got it. No one here has said you can't do as you please, one of which even spelling out that you are welcome to do what works for you and your circle.


Best of luck in your playing and finding the answer you're looking for as I can only assume that which was said here was not to your liking.

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