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[Balmung] Silent Resurrection <SRFC>

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For more information, please check out our website:



We also have a super awesome chat app! Just click "More" on the website to check it out!

Who are we?


As the world teetered on the brink of another calamity and at the very least a world wide war, the Alliance found itself buried in red-tape, protocol and enormous delays in action due to the different governmental and leadership standards and lines. This is why Silent Resurrection was formed. The powers in charge found a rag-tag team of talent to do what needs to be done without the need for such protocol. With representatives from all the Alliance forces, this group is used as a scalpel when the needs arise. SRFC are not military, murderers, spies or mercenaries. They are talented characters from all walks of life that can investigate, recon, rescue and enforce the directives of the Alliance. They are autonomous, can cross borders and make decisions without the bureaucracy that comes with multiple nation regulations.


Silent Res is a FC of vets and new players alike and we are looking to grow. Our FC follows an intense RP story with room for character development and room for creative arches. Lore friendly but not Lore Nazi. Join us if you are looking to make some friends, RP, learn about RP and run content. Be warned, the story can be a bit intense and can get a little dark at times.

What we are looking for:


  • We are a group of laid-back members and are looking for the same!
  • Looking for well-rounded characters (no God-Like Warriors of Light situation. All characters should have their weaknesses)  
  • Players must be 18+. 
  • People who can make RP on their own, whether it be in the whole of the FC for its FC story, with a few members for personal stories or solo.
  • New roleplayers are welcome as long as they have the willingness to learn and the ability to take constructive criticism (this also goes for veteran roleplayers). We are all here for a good time and this can be very fun if it is done right! We are here to help! Many of our members love to discuss character ideas.

How to join:

Reach out to one of us!
N’octic Tia (Discord: N'octic#4068)
Lee Ryder (Discord: Lee/Leo#6115)

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