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Delving into RP finally

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Salutations! I'm CeCe, and while I've been playing FFXIV for a little over a year now, I'm only just now getting into the roleplay community, and I have a few questions about getting started in the community.


To start off with, some introduction of myself is certainly in order. As stated before, I'm CeCe, though I mostly play as Sokhatai Malqir on Leviathan. While I have a decent bit of experience with roleplaying on forums, through Discord, in person (both through LARPing and through TTRPGs), I've not actually done any roleplay in FFXIV, or really any other MMO, and really need not only some help understanding how RP in MMOs functions, but how to find and get involved with RP in FFXIV specifically. For a brief rundown of some other information about me, I'm gonna go ahead and use that template that's pinned:

MMORPG Background: As stated before, been playing FFXIV for a little over a year. I also used to play Guild Wars 2 regularly (from betas through to Path of Fire, though I quit not long after, due to the game's direction disappointing me).

RP Experience: Been roleplaying for over a decade now. Most of that experience is caught up in TTRPGs like D&D, though more than a fair share is also forum RP on a variety of sites, as well as a not-insignificant amount of one-on-ones in Discord. The most important thing to know about my RP experience is that I have only RP'd OCs, and almost always in original worlds, though with D&D, I've played some in Forgotten Realms, Eberron, and Dark Sun. As I will expound upon in the next section, I really do not have any experience roleplaying in MMOs, and I really don't understand how exactly it works, since it seems somewhat foreign to my previous RPing experiences.

Character Ideas/Info: I'm definitely wanting to roleplay as Sokhatai and my main alt (who I just recently started). Although I am very clear on Sokh's personality, I'm still quite unsure how character development works for MMOs, especially considering how crucial things like the MSQ of FFXIV is to the world and the gameplay experience, as well as being rather unclear on how much things like class/job and the like affect developing the RP character. I honestly would extremely appreciate help understanding how to develop a character for RP in an MMO (note: I'm well acquainted with the lore, so that's not a problem at all for me).

HOw I learned about the coalition: I googled "FFXIV Roleplay" and it was the first hit. 

What kind of role-player I aim to be: I heavily enjoy roleplaying in general, and since I don't really understand how it works in an MMO, I unfortunately not really sure how to answer this question. I want to get pretty into it, and I love complex, detailed roleplay, but I also really enjoy the more "gamey" aspects of the game, like repeatedly running dungeons and the such. I don't plan on RPing during dungeons, since that's a mostly "gamey" experience for me, and I don't really understand how to treat the MSQ for character stuff, as stated before.

Anything IRL I feel comfortable sharing: I go by CeCe, I'm 22, and I'm a trans woman (honestly, the FFXIV community seems to be one of the chillest communities I've come across when it comes to LBGTQ+ stuff).


Some final things of note: I play on Leviathan because that's where my friends who I play with all the time are. I am definitely not interested in transferring at any point in the near future, so I'd find it super helpful if I could be guided to groups that exist on either Leviathan itself, or the Primal DC (now that world visit is a thing). If necessary, I can probably transfer one of my alts over to another DC, but that's not really something I'm looking to do.

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Usually the MSQ and FFXIV RP characters are kept separate. While it's certainly acceptable to say for instance you fought in the Dragonsong War or helped take back Ala Mhigo or the like, anything involving the actual WoL or a few select 'WoL Only" jobs (WHM for example) is best left alone if you want to be accepted by the majority of RPers on Balmung/Mateus.


For example, you'll find a lot of PLDs who just happen to be sword & board users, or a DRG who is just a person with a lance. It's not saying you can't RP these jobs, its just that most RPers it seems RP around the weapon and not the class.


As far as Datacenters and Servers for RP, you're best bet is transferring to somewhere on the Crystal DC as that's where the two largest unofficial RP serves are, them being Balmung (1) and Mateus (2)

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