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Obituary: Cartius Mavanix Felstar

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Cartius Felstar Passes, End of an Era?

By: Marybeth Zofan

26th Sun of the 4th Moon


Former patriarch of House Felstar, and House Mavanix pre-Calamity, has passed away as of yestersun. The powerful aristocrat was well known in both Ul'dah and Ishgard both for his savvy and aggressive business practices, along with a host of crimes that didn't come to light until just approximately two cycles ago.


Cartius Mavanix Felstar passed of natural causes on the 25th sun of the 4th moon, having grown ill over the past few moons while imprisoned in Ul'dah's Marasaja Pitts. His anti-climatic demise comes as a shock to many who once viewed the man as an unstoppable force not to be reckoned with.


Raised in Ul'dah's House Mavanix as the son of Julius and Rochelle Mavanix, Cartius lived a life of luxury that many across the continent can only dream of. He was prepped at an early age to eventually take over as house patriarch and eventually did just that. Under his reign, the house prospered with the aid of his strategic mind and aggressive business practices. He helped lead the helm on a number of projects that included, but are limited to: the expansion of the Avalon Heritage Museum, the establishment of the former mercenary company known as Outer Heaven, the acquisition of numerous small store fronts, record profits in the Margarah fashion line, record acceptance into the Mavanix Academy, and more.


These accomplishments ended up being marred by the many revealed atrocities of the powerful man. A covert operation by an independent and unnamed mercenary group would uncover myriads of documents linking Cartius to both small and high crimes, including a past attempt to have a Syndicate member assassinated. Cartius was also revealed to have been behind the atrocities and murders of members of House Mavanix prior to the Calamity and the deliberate destruction of many of the house's assets. He had also apparently attempted to frame various former mercenary groups such as Shimmersong, Corvus Cinis, and Everwatch for these atrocities. He had been imprisoned in the Marasaja Pitts since those revelations came to light.


Prior to the Calamity, Cartius uncovered that he was in fact a Felstar and not a Mavanix who was switched at birth for unknown reasons. It is believed that this revelation, coupled with other revelations about House Mavanix's own past atrocities caused Cartius to retaliate in the way he did against his own "family."  


Cartius had two wives over the course of his life. The first was Sophia Nox, who died giving birth to their only child, Kylin Mavanix Felstar. The second was Nephron Mirgolia, who divorced Cartius several years ago and is now residing in Ishgard as a priestess. They did not conceive a child. Cartius was known to have at least two affairs: one with former Ul'dahn socialite Rebecca Winter that gave way to Seraphine Winter, and the second with an unknown woman from Ilsabard that gave way to Elza Ashfen. All three children are currently considered missing and/or believed dead.


The death of Cartius marks an unceremonious end of an era. No information about the contents of his will have been released yet, though Kylin was believed to have been the most recent heir to everything. The assets of Houses Mavanix and Felstar have all been in limbo for a number of years now as the small remnants of the two houses continue to attempt coming to mutual agreements.


Cartius's funeral will be a strictly private affair, and the location and attendees remain unknown.


Edited by Kylin

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